NaPoWriMo-Day Eight- Dance of the desert rose

I saw them there dancing beneath the sun,

Arms high as if in praise,

In ecstasy they stood tall

Curves smooth and flowing

Legs flowing into the earth.

A gift to see these dancing forms,

Free and wild with abandon they beckoned me,

Join in the celebration of magic and life,

To swing and move feeling it all

The joy of living,

The happiness everything around us.

They reached out as if to say

This is all that matters child,

Here and now beneath the sun

And when she sets another will rise

Giving light this new moon to ignite

The spirit and passion

In this dance of the desert rose.

Day eight prompt was to pick a flower and write a poem about it, my neighbor gave me as a house warming gift, a desert rose but alas the one bloom it possessed had fallen off so in her stead, I found his image which made me feel happy and they seem to me to be dancing, these big curvaceous blooming trees and of course I had to join in. Enjoy, dedicating this to Elouise….you will dance to the new steady beat….thinking of you with joy and all that is good.



2 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo-Day Eight- Dance of the desert rose

  1. My plant is a dainty little thing, I hope when it grows up, it will be as majestic as these beauties….probably not in my lifetime….I hear they grow slowly😊
    So glad you enjoyed,
    Peace and love,


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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