Releasing the magic

Somehow in my minds eye I see him there

Holding the door to let the light free

Every piece of magic from within

Living images of pictures and words

Delivered with just a touch of the hand

Overflowing inspiration he weaves a web

Never ceasing to disappoint.

Kindness flows from every crease

Living in shadows and emerging to spread light

Everything cut and pasted into beauty

Effortlessly from somwehere deep inside

Maker of magic he brings to life

Another splendid show

Never letting down the crowd.
A poem created for my friend Sheldon from the bottom of my heart for the joy you bring to mine and so many others lives here at WP.

Peace and love,


Searching dreams-NaPoWriMo-D12

In not quite solid form I moved through

Dreams like chapters of a much loved tale,

Every page different

Filled with the magic of color and feeling

As I stood like a fan

At a school yard game.

I reached out to touch

The finest things that I saw beyond me

And watched as each piece I handled

Slipped away into ghostly mist

Illusions at a magic show

Like a disappearing elephant

Unreal yet I knew it had been there

Hadn’t it?

Stolen thoughts capturing fears

Leading me through the wonderland of mirages

And I knew each chapter

As if inscribed somewhere in the forgotten recesses

Of a weary mind.

So I travelled through each page,

Flip, flip, staring at the artistic beauty

Of each panoramic illustration

Realizing that in each image

There I stood in wonder

Smiling like a child who finally sees

Everything coming together under the big top

As the elephant reappears

Reaching out a trunk as if to say

Follow me

Come quick before I disappear once more,

You are what keeps me here after all,

Your dream IS real,

It is everything.

I chose not to follow today’s prompt, after a night of strange and many dreams…had to get back to a little of me.