There She Weaves

This world is always such an amazing place filled with the most beautiful humans imaginable. Morgan is a master and I’m honored that I could inspire such beauty. Check out Morgans post for more lovely writings and the most breathtaking images. She made my heart sing today 🙂


Handwriting,ink and quill pen

There she Weaves

Through Tranquil moments

And Deliberate Pauses,

Though Captivating Chaos

And Seraphic Beauty,

With notions of introspection

And subtle circumspection,

By methodical complications

And Beguiling Variations,

Through Whimsy and Wit

That spans Lyrical Pleasures

Subtly and Consummate,

She spins her verses

Like Delicate threads

Of Ethereal Wonder,

Entangling us all

In her Web of Dreams

To our Delight

And Perplexity!


This Verse is not to draw attention to myself, but to Kim at:  Peace Love and Patchouli! found at:    who weaves her Magic  and Inspiration through the pages of WordPress, and my Heart and Soul!  It is an accolade to her talent and skill, and to bring her work to your attention, if it is not already your favourite.  Just a simple way to Pay It Forward and Share the Love 🙂






Image is a photo stock image found via Pixabay.

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3 thoughts on “There She Weaves

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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