Into water

Thoughts run softly down through eyes

Watching rain upon waves

Dripping from clouds swollen

Like memories within.

Pulling into thick air

Moisture coming and going

Silly nilly fashion often finds

Dry and sun

Flipped like a coin to grey spring showers

But it doesn’t matter really,

All one in the same like these thoughts

That run softly down

Past the years that come and go

In a peaceful meandering way

Leaving nothing behind with each moment that passes

Like footprints in the sand

Washed clean on rinse

Going round and round



Cycle complete

Hung to dry.

I missed NaPoWriMo yesterday as often in life, some things that take precedence move in like a wave and wash us around, ending the day pleasantly tired and satisfied that tomorrow is another day….and here we are. Happy Friday my friends, a beach day today with friends….chance of sprinkles but that’s okay…..I think we will live through it💦