Just a moment passing

A flickering of a light shines

From somewhere within,

Without settling,

Joined by others

Far away and near

This flickering increasing

Lighting the day with warmth

With love that moves

From wick to wick

Person to person

Reaching across the great expanse of that

Which is the heart

That beats steadily,

That loves unconditionally

That flickers to life each moment

A smile is given

And embraced like a hug.

Peace flows yet never douses the light,

Only intensifying to a blaze

To a bonfire that consumes and gives warmth

To those that ask

To those that whisper

Hello my friend,

Sit and stay awhile

Join me by my fireside

And we will embrace the moment

That is the here

And the now



29 thoughts on “Flickering

  1. Good golly, 9:06 PM here and past my bedtime….poor Jane must go crazy if you’re up jotting words down that late….like a mad scientist….thank heavens my mind has grown accustomed to shutting down at normal times…I used to get up at two am, now I dream through to give myself fodder for the next day’s write…..sleep tight my friend, tomorrow waits to see the next creation😊

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  2. Sometimes the time difference beats me – 2am now and only up to jot down a few nonsense lines that came into my sleeping head that asked none to politely to be written down – I must back to sleep go now. Take care – and 99% of your words require nothing but resign from me. G;)

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  3. I relish he advice my friend as you know me…rarely editing before hitting the publish button….I would say type A for me but I chalk it up to sheer laziness and time…that’s why I have such a wonderful friend such as yourself to steer me right…like a good captain….gets the boat away from the rocks at times….I value your critique….surprised I don’t see more of it so I must be doing ok😊 suppose that’s good, eh?

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  4. Hope you’re having another amazing adventure…will catch up on my reads tomorrow and look forward to much detail or at least cool pics…..three hours, eight minutes princess….wooo hooo…I know I won’t be up at midnight to wish you a happy birthday….slacker, I know😊

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  5. I am honored by your comment and humbly take a bow, welcome to the light of a beautiful world Carla, you are always welcome, to sit amongst those who seek warmth and peace, always here to lend a spark,
    Peace and love,

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  6. You’re always invited to the party, a quiet peaceful moment amongst friends, enjoying a starlit sky and either conversing or just basking in the peace that is friendship, I cherish yours my friend and light the wick to give you light to find us by,
    Always in love and light,

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  7. You are always welcome to my fireside anytime, warms the bones…I hope Spring is finding you at long last and that a trip to the sea isn’t too far off with your lovely daughter. Peace and love Kat my muse,

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  8. All fixed my grammar friend….I had a second bought on that myself but had gone ahead anyway….guess I should have listened to the inner critic…although often I try not to😊

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  9. You always evoke good feelings.

    “Lighting the day with warmth

    With love that moves

    From wick to wick

    Person to person

    Reaching across the great expanse of that

    Which is the heart”

    You have a knack for it and I’m so glad I’m linked to the beauty that is you. Great piece.

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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