He brings me flowers….

Flitting about like a butterfly,

Here and there

So much to do

For soon they come

And it must be perfect,


And I stop and breathe,

Taking in sweet jasmine air and remember

It doesn’t have to be

So hard, so perfect,

And I laugh for the despair that’s now replaced

With calm resolution,

It is what it is

And it’s all good.

The rumble beyond as I know he’s returned

And I scurry about

Eagle eyeing each and every thing

And still I wonder what it is that drives

The lunacy

For we are enough,

This is enough

And through the door with a burst of hot humid air he comes,

Bags of things needed

For perfection

To make it just so

And a brown bag of flowers gently handed over,

Just for you he says with a smile

And I remember again 

At these moments when inadequacies filter in

That’s why the right touch

Of love,

Of beauty,

Of everything will always be enough

And I cradle each stem gently

Trimming the necessary amount

A purple mason jar gift much loved

The vessel to bring even more vibrancy

And the sea turtles that swim below

And the bunny left from Easter I can’t quite put away yet,

Like a neon peep that brings me whimsy on cloudy days-

I place the beauty of the blooms in their home

By the window view

And I smile

Because he brought me flowers

And they’re perfect.

Just a thought to end the day for my amazing husband that always seems to remember the little things that matter to me when I’m a whirlwind of chaos, grounded in a mason jar garden, so happy and thankful for what each day brings.

Peace, love and endless blooms my friend…..and it’s never too late for a bunny too….and a sea turtle making its way to the sea😊🌹



4 thoughts on “He brings me flowers….

  1. Hi Malctg, don’t you like to buy flowers? Perhaps a lady would like a story written about her instead 🙂 thank you for you 🙂 Peace and love,


  2. I may have to toss them today as they’re starting to fall apart….maybe he will get me more? Yeah, probably will😊🌹 he’s good that way😊


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