Messages floating

Scattered wishes of peace

Like a million grains of sand beneath wandering soles,

Smooth rippled waves reach out

To embrace and cool 

Somewhere in this realm of morning.

Breathing in the words

Gathered like messages in bottles sent

Across the miles seeking saving

As they grasp onto the buoy of love

As if drowning within.

Reaching shore to stand

Beyond the everyday weight that sinks

We learn to swim these waves

To gain strength with each stroke

And each word we write on parchment souls

And we roll it tight and slide it in glass

Capped for future finders

That will read each word and smile,

Realizing we are never alone

In thoughts and feelings that span the globe,

That it could have been written by our own hand

For understanding the universal thought 

Love conquers and saves

Us all.

Sometimes Stellar Storyteller Six Word Story Challenge

My buddy Tre put up the challenge and I thought over my morning coffee, why not….good timing as the six word story prompt was a part of one of my dreams? Last night….despicable is the prompt…my offering….is in the comments of the Sometimes Stellar Storyteller Six Word Story Challenge😊