Across my universe…for Brooke

She was here

Time stamp six days gone by

Friend unknown

And she’s gone….

I listen to the music that touches my soul

And her voice is heard here,

Bringing me a senseless joy for connection,

And I don’t know why

But reasons and purposes

And she’s here still

Smiling that wicked smile I see on her page….

That I at heart wished I too could possess 

And really, I could easily say

It doesn’t matter but for so many it does,

She has a name

She had a life

And she’s gone…..

He asks me why I’m so vibrant tonight,

Listening to the lifeblood,

Music that touches me

But I know that it is what makes me feel alive

When others are gone.

And I grasp onto those pieces,

The rhythm, the words,

The beat that makes me feel alive

For she was too young

And I’m still here

Not that there’s a trade off

But I think of her

The girl I never knew,

Six days a friend and she’s still here in my mind,

Living her life that some might not understand,

And everybody loves,

And everybody cries for what would have been

And I’m just plain old sad

Trying to gain control of these feelings,

Wondering if we would have laughed together

Instead of being left tonight with what could have been and songs

That inspire sadness and tears,

Because when nut come to bolts

We all have our lives to live

To, crap, at a loss for the right words,

To live while the living is there

Because we never truly know

At the close of a perhaps perfect moment,

It’s all gone,

Over in a flash,

She was my friend for six days

A girl woman I will never truly know,

But blessed that she saw something that made her reach out to say, hey…

Want to be friends?

I want to know her more,

And it’s too late now,

But perhaps she cycled in when needed as a reminder,

That we’re all connected in more ways than we will ever know,

And I embrace the friend I wish a had known.

I’m having a good day, when I should be having a quite bad one, a girl who friended me on FB died two days ago and I feel bad for never having had the chance to get to know and appreciate the girl and woman she was. Wife, mother, and happy soul in general from what I could see….the world was a  much brighter place without her smile….listening to across the universe and wondering why things happen, people coming and going out of our lives….no rhyme or reason….”the wind just pushed me this way” as Robbie says so nicely…somewhere down the crazy River…..feeling like crying and embracing it…yeah, feels right…..peace Brooke Smith, peace….I will share a laugh someday on the other side….peace, baby, peace….


36 thoughts on “Across my universe…for Brooke

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  2. Thank you Robin, I had never met her, my dad recently re-entered my life and it was his second wife’s granddaughter. She had only friended me on the book of face six days prior, it was such an unexpected twist, the way this strange yet wonderful world works never ceases to amaze me….peace and love, Kim


  3. Thank you Michael,
    The strange occurrences in our lives that serve to teach us, never fails to amaze me and though I may not know at the time what the reason is, I need to learn patience to allow the light to shine on the answers. Thank you so much Michael, your words always lift my heart to the solar system and beyond😊
    Peace and love,

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  4. You captured this in a beautiful way that felt like much, much more to me. Like on some level so much has been, and will be. A connection that will go on forever has occurred, and there is a sweetness and a sadness both to what you have touched here with your beautiful heart, my friend. But also a quiet fullness.


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  5. You are so sweet. I get that, I often think the same things, especially about younger people leaving families behind. It’s tragic. The older I get, the easier it is to think we don’t have only go-around. Yet I sit here firmly in the school of I Don’t Know!
    I don’t think your feelings are strange at all, we are all connected, as you well know. ❤

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  6. I am truly sorry Kim. Nothing one can say or do. Though… you did manage to connect even for a brief while. And rememember: she will live forever as long as you remember her. Hugs my dear.

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  7. Thanks Elizabeth,
    It’s strange, when someone passes that I am not really close to, it hits me harder than someone I know well, perhaps it’s the thought of what could have been…what would their life had turned out like, say thirty years from now, people are gifts and I’m so glad I have so many good ones in my universe….people like you💜
    Peace and love,

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  8. Thank you Morgan,
    Your words mean a lot to me and that’s why I adore you so….always know how to make me feel loved and refills the cup of peace when it feels nearly empty. You are a blessing to me and I am grateful beyond words.
    Peace and love and smiles,


  9. Good gosh, that sucks….well I shall keep sending healing thoughts and prayers your way my friend, keep your chin up and it will all work itself out. Hugs and healing thoughts,
    Peace and love too,


  10. Thanks Kim. We all suffer through very similar situations, but some of us who feel so deeply simply have a harder time. This one hit me hard, even before I understood the full meaning behind it. It is wonderful when our writing can help us in the healing process.
    You are one bright light in this world! Xo 🙂

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  11. I am so sorry and so touched by your loss and the love, that speaks volumes of Your Spirit, that you shared and wished to share, a Friend unknown, known now to all. Bless you for your Kind Heart, my Friend, and for your Honest Love. It is what makes you a Beautiful Soul and a Remarkable Woman. Brooke shall be remembered by so many more now through your memory!
    Blessings of Tender Peace Lay upon your cheek, Touch Your Soul and in doing so, Share the Love that now Lives in Purest Light.

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  12. I had a good Dr appointment yesterday
    I have two tomorrow
    I just got in touch with a lawyer
    All things are moving
    As far as feeling better
    Not so much
    Not been feeling good since Friday
    I spent 6hrs in the hospital on Friday
    That’s the third time in a week
    Oh well……..

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  13. Thank you Elizabeth,
    I woke this morning feeling light and joyful, embraced the morning and knew that each minute matters, telling those around us how we feel and spreading and sharing joy and love always.
    It’s people like you who take the time to stop and say that we’re not alone in the darker times and share in the joy in the lighter times. Thank you for your kind words and for everything,
    Peace and love and smiles too,

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  14. Thank you Sheldon,
    I woke this morning taking a big breath of air, went for the hour walk and just enjoyed the morning….life is too short and to just embrace what is, well that’s the important thing in the long run. Smile, laugh,spread joy and just be present in it all.
    You’re the best my friend and I’ll take that hug and send one in return. I hope you’re feeling a little better. I see you in my inbox and know I’ve got some reading to look forward to, with joy and eagerness.
    Big hugs back to you,
    You have a good soul my friend, and I thank the good lord for allowing so many amazing people to journey with me,
    Peace and love,


  15. Such deep feelings here, you’ve turned into a masterpiece Kim. I’ve felt this same way recently about a woman I knew very little of…but she was such a kind soul. She kept wanting to get together, but I was too shy, too busy, too what-EVER to manage to do it. Then, she suddenly got diagnosed with terminal cancer. I watched the quick progression to her death, posted by her daughter on Fb, it was so heart-breaking, at the end to see her face…with the light gone. It haunts me now, I feel terrible I didn’t reach out. Get to know her more. Xoxo to you. Hope today is a little bit lighter.

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  16. I’ve been in your shoes where they are there one minute and gone the next
    We want answers and sometimes there just isn’t
    That’s what makes it so hard to understand
    But the gods don’t put anything in front of you they think you can’t handle
    Life lessons are not suppose to be easy ones
    He only wants the best of the best
    Stay strong
    Be focused
    Big hugs

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  17. I suppose only if a loved one contacts someone or posts it on their page…then words spread like a flash….I don’t know if any of mine would know how to post something😊

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  18. You are with me my friend,
    The things in life I’m most thankful for…
    You and your gift
    Make my life a better place
    I’m here for you
    As you are here for me….
    Friends in arms so to speak,
    But if you ever need a friend,
    I am here ALWAYS….
    But I think you know that…
    At least I hope and pray so….
    Peace and love and a thousand thanks,
    The K perspective⭐️

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  19. She was my fathers granddaughter….I had to ask him who she was….long story and family history left for a hand written email….I know you will understand the “imperfection” that she led her life which to me was the norm….I’m just so sad for a girl who had such an infectious smile In every pic, with her husband and child….gone with no warning….someone I wasn’t even aware of, but my father and I just reconciled after forty plus years….I feel sad for the soul who I know I would have embraced whole heartedly…no strings or prejudice attached…you know me….I love the world and find a hard time understanding how such vibrant youth could be gone…especially after she just recently reached out…thank you Tre, you are a god send…truly and deeply, I cherish the gift of you in my life and for the gift of understanding….love you, K

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  20. This… can cause a crying fit:

    “She was my friend for six days

    A girl woman I will never truly know,

    But blessed that she saw something that made her reach out to say, hey…

    Want to be friends?

    I want to know her more,

    And it’s too late now,

    But perhaps she cycled in when needed as a reminder,

    That we’re all connected in more ways than we will ever know,

    And I embrace the friend I wish a had known.”

    Peace and Blessings, Kim. She reached out to you for a reason. You could not have known that Time would be so cruel, that it would continue on like it’s supposed to. I have a hunch that she knows you wrote this for her. Her soul, one with each line.

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  21. Sheldon,
    My dear Sheldon…. I see your name crop up when I’m near to tears and I just feel light when I see that….as if someone is out there …..somewhere who gets it…
    Such a rough day yet easy…if that can be said….
    Life as it happens I try to come to grip with things…
    Not for me,
    But why is a child now motherless…
    She seeked me out out of the blue…
    Now she’s gone…a distant relative but doesn’t change anything,
    Just the impermanence that is this life hat we know…
    Have I ever told you thank you?
    You are one of a few that I cherish…words….images…kindness…
    Feeling melancholy and sad but so grateful and happy for what I do have, and that is you….to need another in your life is a gift, and you Sheldon, are one of my gifts…I am humbled and blessed…
    Listening to “maybe I’m amazed” version from Jem….
    God bless you Sheldon,
    Peace and love through all….

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  22. There will always be the secrets and mysteries of the quiet storm
    75% of life is just showing up
    The other 25%?
    I don’t have a clue
    One minute I’m driving the car
    The next my life flashes in front of me
    That’s why it’s so important to laugh and smile
    Happiness and grateful
    Cause you never know what is going to happen when you go into the forest
    The Sheldon Perspective

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