Into a glade of peace I slip

effortlessly gliding on mirror streams

I move in calm shadows unseen

below a spring whisper of silence.

Entering into a state of bliss

I feel the movement of a thousand words

spoke in a hush of a silent bird

moving through grass unheard.

You are here in this sacred space

capturing my attention you draw me in

etched in a world so busy

I sit and ponder infinity.

Who casts his stone on still waters

to mar the serenity of this perfect moment

and ripples new scenes from old

who gives me his soul to hold.

I wandered here lost but now found

a quiet space where thoughts unfold

like the layers of a rising sun

a new moment of life now begun.

Thoughts on this chaotic whirlwind called life, of friends and strangers pulled in directions by angst and sadness, where pain overcomes often the better days, I write this for peace if only for today in souls that reach for the right words to say.


15 thoughts on “Entering

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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