Forever rain

School girl hears whispers

Direct to the heart

Wanting to be her

Astride your steel horse

To go anywhere

Take me with you her heart cried

The day the rain fell.

In a darkened room watching



A part of life remembered as if yesterday,

Scared but thrilled,

To belong in a far away place

You whispered words I carried through life.

A Queen grows older

On the day a Prince flew away

And I sit here shaking my head


Anguish to grief

But it was time

As the cream rose to the top,

And a half time show I relived for days

But now this,

Purple skies full

And tears like a forever rain.

Wow…memories all stirred up today. I was a teenager living on my own in Washington DC and went to see Purple Rain with my sister and her friend on opening day. I knew a few songs that had been playing on the local stations but my god, this was like a religious experience. My sister and I were the only white people in the audience which for a country girl, scared me to death, and everywhere around me each song was sung like a hymn….I mean EVERYBODY knew every word to every song, and the tears, oh my the tears. It’s as if I am there all over again. WOW, an experience I shall never forget and one I’m so grateful to have shared with so many strangers sharing the love of the man. 

Rest in peace my fair Prince and sing me a song in dreams…I’ll be waiting….cause you know, Baby I’m a star⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💜


29 thoughts on “Forever rain

  1. I lived amongst the hustle and bustle, two full time jobs one summer, lived over by Fort McNair one summer, many days feeding the boys a home cooked meal..I shall leave that memory for another time…..never got busted sleeping there though😀good thing….

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  2. now that is ALOT of people, I think I would feel claustrophobic after a bit, I like my peace and quiet too much…not a fan of the big city life after living in Washington DC for two summers…Crazy town there too. Hope the move went well 🙂
    peace and love,

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  3. I am excited for your move and hope all goes smoothly for you. Have fun, redecorating is always such a fun chore…so many ideas, so much shopping😀 are you staying in your current country?

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  4. Thank you Kim. Life is accelerating. But I think we’ve made a good decision. Now, there’s a lot to do: moving money, red tape a-plenty, planning remodeling the new house. It will be a busy next few weeks. 🙂

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  5. Ah the sweet scent of sunshine….and suntan oil….are you staying down there? Yes, I know too well the fun of moving…although with your life, I,think you’d be used to it by now? Be well, take it easy and enjoy the ride😊☀️ peace and no stress, K

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  6. Thanks Lilly,
    He was a Huge influence on my life, even to,the point of buying a purple motorcycle with black studded leather….purple is my favorite color too, although I don’t look very good in it….now when I look up and see a lavender or purple sky, I shall hum a little prayer😊💜 thank you,
    Peace and love,


  7. I didn’t know you had a book out….must be fascinating stuff in there…..with your life and travels, it would have to be🙃peace and love….sweating in the sunshine here….😎

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  8. I love music and grew up attempting to blow out my eardrums with hi. Cranked till the walls vibrated😊 a sad loss but the words and music lives on….I have a feeling we will find he has a trove of unheard hits…can’t wait for that treasure chest to open.💜 peace and love Derrick,

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  9. Thank you Katie,
    He was a Huge presence in my formative years…..still in a bit of shock truth be told, 57 yrs….never let moments slip by without pursuing your dreams I think is the most important thing I take away in the loss of someone too young….he lived the dream, I hope to be as lucky, but then again, I’m here and working towards it….one verse at a time….
    Peace and love and thank you for your words, they mean the world to me right now.
    Peace and love,


  10. Bob Marley, now that my friend would have to rank up there with once in a lifetime experiences….amazing….the words and songs, music stirs the soul in a way that no other thing can….we are blessed for bearing witness to greatness. Thank you Brian, I do appreciate and am a bit jealous, indeed….peace love and crank it up…every little things gonna be alright😊

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  11. I hear you, Bowie was sacred to me…so many memories entwined within…voices of the world spoken by the brave few…thank you Sheldon, I don’t feel so alone sad about it all. I love ya for that especially my friend …peace love and the heart of the soul of music lives on within….

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  12. Sorry about Prince. A shame. Your DC experience sounds a lot like the Bob Marley concert I went to in ’79. Mid-Harlem. I don’t think we were more than 10-20% whites. But, God, what a concert…
    Rest in Peace, Prince.

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  13. Only for you
    I’m on a roll
    This one is to close to my heart
    Like bowie was
    Much sadness in Sheldon World
    I remember seeing purple rain in the movies
    The movie theater isn’t even there anymore

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  14. Purple Skies were full
    His tears are forever rain
    This is what it might sound like
    As the doves…….
    The band stood silent
    While the man sang his song
    The skies that were once full
    Can only be…….
    In the Purple Rain
    The Sheldon Perspective

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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