Universal pieces

On purple paper

shapes of souls emerge through words

human kindness spreading smiles.

We are the puzzle pieces of the universe,

so many shapes and sizes,

so many colors and thoughts

alike and different brought together

just because

the time became now

when hands reach across the water to find

another that fits the heart.

Friends of the world unite

spreading their own selves on waves of joy,

of everyday people just like you and I.

I feel blessed and so grateful for these days,

when the little things add up to be so very big

and when the feelings rise to the skies

higher than the brightest sun

and eclipse with their own brilliance,

the quiet peace of a friend,

the sweetest gift

I can comprehend.

To find what matters in this big old world

that in the end is really quite small,

is just something so simple yet often overlooked

a hello,

“I’m thinking of you”

and a talk soon.

Upon receiving a beautiful purple envelope in the mail today from my “Niece” down the block…always makes me smile with so much joy and happiness. The nature of humanity always brings me up, even when I’m not feeling down…flying with a smile. Thanks Tre!

Peace, love and purple letters,


Blooming in time

Words come haltingly like thoughts that fall

into the sphere of nothingness,

small and waiting

lessons learning

taking in the water to grow.

Dreams of flowers in golden fields

and I wake to blooms waiting for admiration

more to go,

more to grow

like souls and selves that rise higher

reaching for the light that often eludes

then one day stopping to absorb

the nutrient of words shared

to suck in the life of each lessons told

and we grow stronger

stems strengthen against the winds that blow

and we finally look around to see

with a heart filled with joy

with simple serenity

that we are born into what we were meant to become,

that we our us

the beautiful ones

and filled to overflowing

with courage and resolution

to stand proud

to be.

I chose not to follow today’s prompt, inclined instead after a day yesterday of soul searching reading and a lovely bloom in my vase, to write this instead. Hope it inspires strength in those that need it and reaffirmation that we are all beautiful. Peace and love and amazingness, K