Universal pieces

On purple paper

shapes of souls emerge through words

human kindness spreading smiles.

We are the puzzle pieces of the universe,

so many shapes and sizes,

so many colors and thoughts

alike and different brought together

just because

the time became now

when hands reach across the water to find

another that fits the heart.

Friends of the world unite

spreading their own selves on waves of joy,

of everyday people just like you and I.

I feel blessed and so grateful for these days,

when the little things add up to be so very big

and when the feelings rise to the skies

higher than the brightest sun

and eclipse with their own brilliance,

the quiet peace of a friend,

the sweetest gift

I can comprehend.

To find what matters in this big old world

that in the end is really quite small,

is just something so simple yet often overlooked

a hello,

“I’m thinking of you”

and a talk soon.

Upon receiving a beautiful purple envelope in the mail today from my “Niece” down the block…always makes me smile with so much joy and happiness. The nature of humanity always brings me up, even when I’m not feeling down…flying with a smile. Thanks Tre!

Peace, love and purple letters,



8 thoughts on “Universal pieces

  1. Thank you Michael,
    I love the magic a day brings when a letter flies into the mailbox with my name on it and to know that we are connected and that this life is truly a miracle. Enjoying each day that graces me with beauty and specialness just in its being….wow, what a rush😊
    Thank you for being you and an amazing part of my life😊💜

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  2. This had a soothing feel to it for me, Kim. Thinking how we are puzzle pieces, and the time is now… We are catalysts, potentials, and it really can be as simple as making those connections… Reaching across the distance to link up… Thanks for your friendship!

    Much Love

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  3. Yes it did, it is a gorgeous shade of my favorite color too….I had a motorcycle in a dark purple….bought because of a certain movie from my youth of course….it’s back at home being sold…too scary driving it down here….thank you again Tre and yes, the poem was for you of course😊💜

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  4. Yay! I’m so glad it arrived safely! Now, my night has been made. I’ll have sweet dreams for sure.

    And, The poem?!?! Letters are great inspiration. This is beautiful.

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