Rain on cedar

The scent of rain on cedar

removes the self and moves the memory backwards.

Days of dark houses and cages of big eyed beasts

that carry the innocent look until teeth sunk in to tender skin

and the damp wet smell of tree bark pieces

perpetual job of scraping cages and cleaning glass.

I remember how we caught a praying mantis

and on a lark decided upon a battle of the big eyed beast

and the stick-like green alien.

Headless the stick moved after battle

just like the babies that were devoured

because the beast deemed necessity

to rid itself of itself.

Rain on cedar now sparks light

pleasant thought of peace

leaving the darkness of glass walls behind

and the foul stench of soaked chips for pets

that upon realizing escape could be had,

ran loose through the night

before a tired demise

at the hands of an unlikely sump pump

becoming the watery grave.

I drift in adult days and blurry haze of yesterday’s

and leave it behind beneath mulch on the path

walking forward from there,

from childish thoughts and nightmares

I reach dreams on the fly

staring at the falling drops

from the grey clouded sky.

Thoughts today for some reason kept revolving around rain on cedar and like my mind has a mind to travel on its silly paths, kept heading back to hamster cages of my youth, of darker days I like to leave behind, but perhaps to let it into the light here, I can move along on my merry way to better images and topics. Thanks for letting me vent out some not so nice things here my friends….but I most felt bad for the poor praying mantis…I didn’t know they were endangered, even in the 70’s…Peace and kinder thoughts, K

14 thoughts on “Rain on cedar

  1. Five to ten minutes produces that kind of beauty?!? You do indeed have a gift. I’d say my longer ones probably take me closer to an hour. It all depends. Sometimes I start with a picture, or a theme, or even one word.
    I love your work, and obviously the flow is working out great. Thanks for sharing your thoughts so intimately Kim. Happy weekend to you as well!! ❤

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  2. Eh, flowing naturally? I do wish, although writing is the easiest part of my day….start with an idea, find a pic that fits the scene, then five to ten minutes later, done….effortless….I find it best that way, if I give it too much thought, it feels forced and takes For Ever…but if I just let it flow, ah, then I’m a happy girl….try it, you’ll see in time how easy it is….just go with whatever comes to mind and go,with it, no matter how far out there it seems, you may be pleasantly surprised by the results, although I’ve read your words, you have good thoughts and share them eloquently😊 that’s why I look at NaPoWriMo in the am, if I’m feeling it, I go with it, but if it causes me any stress, I go with my own things…..peace and love my friend, and happy weekend, Kim

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  3. thanks so much Elizabeth, so glad you enjoyed. I’m having so much fun with the NaPoWriMo and only one more day to go but I think I shall try to keep to the trend of at least one, if not two pieces a day….we shall see how it goes. Peace and love and many blessings, K

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  4. Excellent, it’s funny because if if click on your link on the responses, it just tells me your blog has been deleted so I have no way to find it unless it comes through in my mail, strange….not linked right perhaps? Looking forward to the read though😊


  5. I’m not sure, can you send me the link? I do so much reading it becomes a blur after a bit, not sure if that was onE I skipped but it sounds familiar.


  6. When one is walking the path you will sometimes loss your way or turn off for unexplainable reasons
    What I say is you can go there , you just can’t stay there
    Powerful images
    Great post
    As always Sheldon
    Yes it was Sinatra

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  7. Well then I had like some of them before, some I skipped ’cause I thought your blog had gone bonkers in error. Looking forward to reading more villainesque writings….peace, K


  8. No was never gone just lurking in the shadows, like a true villain. It is intentional, many of those are old posts that have never seen the light of day. I have quite a bit I set to private but now think I may want to make public.

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  9. Welcome back Grey,
    Your blog was being weird, kept emailing me old posts….was that intended? Transferring from old to new perhaps? Of course you like the grey….I just hated the urine soaked hamster cage smell….blech…..not fond memories….besides, I like my pets to live a bit longer……wish the dogs would last forever but then who,would take care of them when I’m gone? Mmmm, rain on cedar though….nice….


  10. For obvious reasons I liked falling rain from the grey clouded sky.

    I close my eyes and I can think back and smell rain on cedar,still today it is a part of my past and present.

    Nicely done.



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