Circular persuasion

In faded water colored thoughts

Circular influences bouncing around and about

This restless mind bent on creation

Yet weary and ready for rest.

Shell patterned symbols

A Nautilus from somewhere deep down below

Where currents move gently

Like familiar images of dreams.

I gaze into their recesses

Following in deeper and reaching the end

Turning a thought over and moving back out again,

Like silent tides unwitnessed,

Still do their thing regardless,

moving back and forth, rocking like a lullaby

And though the moon is a distant friend

It still waits for our busy lives

To slow down

And gaze upwards into round orbs that create destiny

Just in their being.

I sit in the peace of a moment stolen

Content for the souls that move round,

In and out like an ocean treasure

Leaving a smile

Or a quiet gentle reminder

That I hold in my heart

Forever after

Till they come round

Once more.

Image found at :

Inspiration from too many to name….you all know who you are…peace, love and bedtime, K

11 thoughts on “Circular persuasion

  1. Thank you so much Erica, it was for me a late night post, had the words swirling about and needed to get them out before I forgot them, glad you enjoyed it. Peace and love, K

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  2. I will be on that mailbox like Jasmine on rice. Yay!

    We’re about to get our walk on in a bit too. I’m being a bit lazy, but I gotta get a move on. big hugs

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  3. We got two drops? Yesterday. The sky looked like it was going to drop buckets, but nope, two drops…I shall email you some pics later, me and Chi in the pool…she came in willingly too, two days in a row….it cools,them down and makes their fur so soft, better than Sandy grit😊 they say Hi, almost walk time…still waking up myself….got some pretty note cards yesterday, going to write to a friend today…smiles….watch your mail next week😊 happy day Tre. K

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  4. Thanks Robin, so glad you enjoyed it, I saw a shell at a friends rental and it was a nautilus, it was so smooth and almost ivory in looks with a light hint of color, found this image on he Internet and knew I just had to set the words free. Peace, love and happy Saturday, Kim


  5. Thanks Mary,
    I chuckled this morning, I proofed it twice last night and woke this morning and still had to fix it….I shouldn’t write when tired perhaps but I just felt like I had to….glad I did, error and all😊all good now🐚


  6. Looks in mirror

    I sure do see that!!! 🙂

    Love you, Kim. Please hug Apple & Chi for us. Jernee will be stirring about in a moment. It’s dreary and gloomy out. The rain is on its way again.

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  7. Smiles, by having the influence of so many beautiful and amazing people in my circle of course, look in the mirror, see that? That’s what amazing looks like😊 happy Saturday Tre😊

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