Empty page

Where did the words go on the day that they died? The book sat idly, pages blowing back and forth like sails on a ship in the breeze, back and forth, then resting still. Blank.

Where did the words go when they got caught between the tears, when the words spoken over rode the feeling, and when the night became dark and felt so empty, like the pages, on the day the words inside died.

Where did the words go, as the mind stood still watching helplessly and the tongue lay oversized and silent, swallowing the feeling as it moved up and then back down, replaced with the feeling of gut wrenching pain.

Where did the words go, when they couldn’t be written for fear of being found, for if you wrote them, then that made them real and they couldn’t be allowed to live in the light, instead forcing them down and swallowing them like a note passed in class, as the teacher holds out their hand for the little square that told secrets that weren’t allowed to be seen.

Where did the words go when no one was listening, when hearts were breaking, and pages remained empty for years….waiting patiently to live.

My last NaPoWriMo, not written to the prompt. Kept thinking about the death of words, or not speaking/writing what needs to be said, this is what surfaced. Hope you enjoy and Happy end of NaPoWriMo my friends. Peace and love and lots of writing ahead. K

16 thoughts on “Empty page

  1. Oooh, missed part….settling in good, pups enjoying the swimming pool every evening, lost 20 pounds, cut off about six inches of hair for the hot weather comfort….eight plus degrees every day and sun….did I mention sun? Amazing…a far cry from Holland NY..no complaints….ever….unless of course a hurricane and I will freak out I’m sure…peace and love to you and the fam, K💜

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  2. Thank you so much, I guess trying to,allow he authenticity squeak through in my writing is working….I’m glad you liked it and thank you, I appreciate your kind words….that are swelling my head up nicely…just kidding….I think? Peace and love and have a nice weekend, with what’s left of it. Always, Kim

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  3. True, and sometimes they are locked away out of fear or necessity, it is when we come into,our own, without fear, that we shine brightest. At least I like to think so….peace and love Opher, Kim


  4. Sometimes they just play dead, like an opossum…..afraid to come out…and then they rise unexpectedly and are almost reborn in the spirit they had always meant to be lived in…..Thanks Brian, trying new styles of writing with a little help from my friends….perhaps more authentic than normal? Who knows, as long as it is received well I guess, takes a bit of getting used to it. Peace and love, K…and happy thoughts….I always carry a pocket full of those.

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  5. Thanks John, it’s funny, I was thinking of what you said when I wrote this…in this way….subtle influences changing perceptions is always a good thing, peace and love and I’m glad you liked it. Kim


  6. I like the phrase “words are dead”, but I beg to differ, my friend: words are very much alive and kicking. Spreading ties across miles and miles and miles. And smiles. And thoughts. Et tout et tout. (Bon week-end) B.

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