Whispers on a wind

Voices come on winds across a sea

Like the soft twinkling bells,

Reassuring on stormy swells

As waters lap away tightened shores,

Harmony smoothes

The tormented soul.

Darkened skies of nights lament

Into the wilderness emotion spent

As eyes grow tired on empty shores

And music fills the chamber of soul.

I watch the skies wash away the light,

Like fading laundry beneath Summer’s heat

That rises onto a blank slate sheet,

Waiting to be carried away.

I think of souls lost in this world,

Feel each word that creeps deep beneath the skin,

And sweeping the dust away,

Clean all over again,

The work is done,

The night has come

And darkness descends into the mind

Ready to be rinsed in the dreams of night

Free of thought,

Emptied of substance

At peace on a feather down

Run aground like a wayward shell,

tossed about in sea foam spray and then

Drifting softly away,

What remains of the day, 

nothing lingering, 

Just a fading memory.

After a beautiful time spent today in the salty ocean water, relaxed, calm, happy and thankful for each one of you reading, each blessing I’ve been given, as the bells sing softly, I bid you peace, love and a heartfelt goodnight. Love to all, Kim