Call to peace

Come to me sweet Luna,

Carry my thoughts away into your peaceful light embrace,

Whisper to me of better days,

Days beneath the glow of a Spring sun that heals

With the sweetest kiss

Of a universe.

Come to me my moon,

Rest yourself above the sea

Reflect your magnificence upon my face

As I bask in the moment of calm

And your wind will wash me in its cleansing spirit,

A light that beckons to follow,

And a wave to wash at high tide

As you pull me into a better day,

I will walk in your shadow leaving silent indents on the sand

If only to remind you,

That I am saved by the sweet breath of midnight.

I sing praise to the life of the world

As it turns silently while we sleep and wake

I am refreshed in the scent of a solitary gardenia bloom as I pass,

Blessed truly, indeed.

9 thoughts on “Call to peace

  1. Thank you Izrael, yes, I find the moon always balances my state of mind nicely, I don’t get to see midnight too often, but when I do, it is because the moon begs me to come out and play and of course I listen😊 peace and love, Kim

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  2. Still a ways off from her fullness but it seems I function best in the silence of night and most especially when the moon is telling me her secrets😊🌕 thanks Sherrie, so glad you enjoyed. Peace and love, K

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  3. I have a single bloom on my table, my neighbor has a few bushes and one threw itself over the fence to me, saying pluck me… I did….gorgeous scent…makes me smile😊 glad you liked this, it made me feel better, peace and love, K

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  4. She is still new but looking forward to her ripening into her full self, I always do best when she’s full🌕 so glad you enjoyed, thank you. 💜K


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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