Beauty formed with skilled hands of a master, set upon pedestals in secret gardens, lush and serene in its silence. Light filters in from a sun that peers beyond clouds that are slow to move out of the way of the brilliance, and as she rises into herself each imperfection can be seen on the surface. All imperfection cannot be seen though, deep within the stone that was built over centuries lay minute cracks and fissures in the makeup of the whole.

The outer shell is worn with time, pocked with blemishes from outside forces, like wrinkles on a weathered face proud to carry each crease from days gone by and a smile that seems permanent on each corner that has stood the test of days long passed. 

Each year that passes, as we move into each second, each story that moves us, and each word we place in long strung lines becomes more sacred, for it is who we are. Faded pages forgotten come whispering back like a paper book left on a beach blowing aimlessly in the wind, back and forth yet still forgotten. A hand reaches down and examines the tattered remnants and we become intrigued and carry it away for a later read, or to hand it off to a friend who would enjoy this new gift. We pass these stories on sometimes, yet others remain hidden within, like the cracks and fissures in marble, too hard to find and release, sometimes better left there unseen.

We cannot remain hidden on the pedestal for long, as beauty always finds a way to be found, and upon discovery, the familiarity that we are all on the verge of becoming love begins to show. We open ourselves a little more, fear of rejection slowly dissipates as we realize it’s okay to be found, okay to be heard and seen. Each scar, each story takes on a new meaning when found that it is often universal, we have become to accept and love that which we see on the surface, that which we are and all we are still destined to become.

We are becoming love with each step taken and each piece of ourselves we leave behind, setting the weight aside we find suddenly we can soar, we can fly and as we stare at chronicles of our lives, each bit of joy, each bit of heartbreak becomes a slice of wind that carries us yet higher and it is there we are free, it is there we finally become whole.

I was thinking of statues that are beautiful in their sometimes heartbreakingly sad way, as acid rain deteriorates the forms, they are almost like humans that change over time, with wrinkles and scars and imperfections, it is when we tell our stories and accept ourselves that we become the love we seek, we become that which we truly are.


26 thoughts on “Becoming

  1. Such beauty comes from within. With scars that heals and wrinkles that defines. Finding love as you look in the mirror, don’t be fooled by others. 🙂

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  2. If I don’t respond tonight, I will definitely do so tomorrow afternoon. We are going for our first kayak ride in the morning, I will be up for around a half hour or so, would love to hear from you and if it doesn’t come in time, you can read it over the morning coffee you adore and have in your IV bag🙃 just kidding, no IV. Hope the no smoking is going good. So happy for you Sheldon, truly, as I know how hard it is and how miserable it made me, with you in pain, must be ten times worse….be well, talk soon, hugs and pancakes and clown smiles too👻ok, could only find a ghost….sorry….peace and stuff
    The Kim Chronicle

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  3. I know that’s what makes you so ……
    I’m going to try to email you later
    Too much going on
    I need your kind words
    My internet is not working so well now
    So I will try…….
    The Sheldon Perspective

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  4. Thank you so much, it was one of those effortless pieces that came out of a thought after reading another bloggers heartfelt piece. I am so glad you enjoyed it, truly, all these comments are making my day shine like a thousand suns😊☀️ peace and love and blessings,Always,

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  5. Yes, morning coffee is a godsend, had mine around six thirty this morning and then my daily four mile walk in the waking light with e pups. Beautiful days indeed and I’m glad you enjoyed this piece. It flowed so nicely from the heart in about seven minutes with not a single edit….now those are the ones I know will fit the day to a T😊 and slept good too, finally😊
    Peace, love and coffee
    The Kim perspective💜

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  6. Actually my angel is Gabriel, but there’s the real life angel in my life, another blogger Michael Mark from Embracing Forever, he writes such buoyant and uplifting stories that thrill my soul with their genuine truth and happiness. I’m not sure who the statue is of, perhaps indeed he is a Michael, yes, we shall name him that as it seems to be apt and all angels that inspire are blessings. We all have many I’m told, some we see, some we see in our minds but when they touch us, then wow, that’s a beautiful thing indeed, to open our thoughts and pour out the inspiration given, yes, a beautiful thing indeed😊 bless you Katie and I’d love to hear more about your Michael too when you feel like sharing💜

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  7. This is an exquisitely beautiful, intricate and absolutely poetic piece of prose. Simply loved reading once and then twice! We are becoming love with each step taken, setting the weight aside …all the untold stories, …so deep, yet light with positive hope throughout! Once allowed alignment with universal views …everything has a chance to come to surface …

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  8. Thank you Morgan, I had read a piece by another blogger friend and was moved by it, followed the rabbit hole into my own mind and concocted this potion. I’m so glad you enjoyed it and that it is bringing joy to others. I do feel blessed indeed. Peace and love, always, Kim

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  9. Thank you Mary,
    I had the words first and then had to find an image that fit in a beautiful way, this one seemed to fit the bill, and I’m so very glad you enjoyed it too😊 peace and love, K

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  10. It is ever amazing to me to read the Inspiration that touches our hearts and minds and, even more wondrous, how those words that mean One Thing to us, can reach across the expanse of miles and sometimes Time itself to Touch the Heart and Mind of someone else ( I read Catherine Mary’s comment). The True Blessing of Artistry and YOUR Artistry, Kim, is a True Blessing ❤

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  11. Michael? How could you know? Surely you are speaking of the image of the statue that you put up…is that who the image is? Michael the angel?!? You say he inspires you to write…tell me, I must know…and I need to breathe…I’ve never told anyone about him. Katie.

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  12. I love that explanation of beauty
    Great work and post
    Just enough for me to stop and think
    Thank you Kim
    It’s just what I needed
    Morning coffee don’t you know
    Have a great weekend
    The Sheldon Perspective

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  13. Wow Katie, talk about speechless. I think part of you is in spirit with Michael as his words always make me feel so lifted and free to fly. Wow, I’m so glad that I was inspired by your angel to write this when you needed it most. They work in beautiful and mysterious ways my dear friend, hugging puppies and feeling so very alive with you, thanks for the lift of Your words my beautiful friend. Wow, 💜💜💜💜 Kim the now speechless one….

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  14. It’s taken me ten minutes to get out of speechless to comment here…of course, you couldn’t know it Kim, but you just wrote me in this incredible piece of prose…I especially loved the bit about the pages we’ve written ( 38 yrs of life recorded!) being saved for another read ( yes, I’ve done that lately)…and…”the fear of rejection slowly dissipates..” this is so perfect…have I been a statue? I think, yes, at times I have seemed to feel my life was just like that..but the cracks have widened, the marble pieces crumble and fly from my heart and soul..I step down off the pedestal to a stupified group of passing tourists and laugh out loud as I feel the sunshine on my face for the first time in years! I shake the dust from my hair, and as it blows away on the wind, I laugh again. It is so good to be alive! A little girl with her puppy runs up to me and asks if I’m magic…of course I am! All life IS magic and I am alive! She asks me if I want to pat her puppy and I pick him up and hug him. Now, now I can go on. I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if I sprouted wings and flew away! You see, Kim? Thinking of statues and you wrote a friend’s life on your page.. I loved this…it was perfect! love, Katie.

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