Shining light

This life moves us gently, rocking on the small waves of a quiet bay. Light glitters and shines, reflecting moments as we stop for awhile and just absorb the ebb and flow, riding the energy of the earth.

Like a spark of light that gives hope, or a simple word of support to guide along, the rocking water holds us softly, and it feels like a lullaby alive, smooth and carefree beneath the sun on a cool morning, washing each care away as we watch the passing ships go by, their wake slowing as they near and I wonder where they are going to, smiling faces rushing by on their way to wider ocean water, where they will ride the waves that crash, yet here, right now we are enclosed between mangrove trees with their roots holding them to the bottom, keeping them from falling away.

There is peace here, a hundred silver flecked fishes slapping the water ahead, making tiny splashing sounds to alert their presence as they too perhaps reach for the light, the shining place above. I breathe in and out as I glide, as I move unencumbered by the hurried pace of the day to day, by the thoughts that intrude that have somehow now slipped away to a place under the sea that we ride, you and I, shining.

Our first day today kayaking on the bay, seeing the fish below and moving silently through the mangroves, feeling the gentle sway as we rock on ripples, ah, sweet peace found.

9 thoughts on “Shining light

  1. Well’ I shall take the blame on at then….I’ve so much reading to,catch up on, I found some of,yours I set aside that were from April that I still have to read….I like your stories….I do and I know I need to start carrying my camera…yesterday on the kayak would have been too difficult as it was my first time on my own and I was worried about drowning the poor device if I tipped over….just a wet butt getting out…still have to master that… was so peaceful though….we’re going to buy some this week, so many places here to put in and float away….looking forward to it. Hmmm, what can I make you write about next? How about kangaroos and wallabys? Peace and love, Kim

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  2. Thanks John, I try to still mix it up a bit but writing of my day to day experiences and sometimes even the past if it’s worthy enough. A cool Sunday down here, low sixties…..but up to 85 and then later near 88, I enjoy the warmth…my arthritic hands have been pain free since we moved here and I feel alive with happiness😊 thank you again for all of your support and feedback, it means alot😊 peace and love, Kim


  3. What a beautiful comment my friend and an amazing way to start my day…with my cuppa coffee of course. You made me smile As you always tend to do…I can feel the echoes of happy from you😊💜

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  4. Thank you, it was a lovely day out on the water, rippling glimmering waves and a calm and peaceful rock a bye to elevate the mood, can’t wait to do it again😊 peace and love, K


  5. Peace between each breath
    A sigh of relief
    Good morning Kim
    Just a pinch to ease the pain
    I am here to talk to you again
    Beauty is as beauty sees
    Another day experiencing
    Is another day for reason
    And balance
    The Sheldon Perspective

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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