A coat of many colors

She cut each piece by loving hand

put together with thoughts of joy

her gift would bring in shades I love,

a coat of many colors.

We smile together years ago

today so far away but close in thought,

I long to hold her in my arms

to say a simple thank you for it all.

Memories light the mind like stars

and I can see her smile as I close my eyes,

content in her love like a babe in arms

I am a piece of her cut from the hand of God.

We move through years living our days

often forgetting to take the time to stop and say

I miss you and love you

and am thinking of you each day,

but I know she knows and her voice I will hear

across the miles,

transcending the tears

and I can hold that coat and remember each stitch

she put in with love and care

and somehow it’s enough

as I feel the softness surround me like a hug,

to know that she’s here.

This is the first mothers day that I will be apart from my mother. 1300 miles away, and as I write this, the phone rings…it’s MOM…her ears must be ringing. 🙂 Love you mom….

Split skies

Random moments captured on tiny squares, inserted into metal boxes for view as squares fill the screen with memories of yesterday. Unexpected consequences as these moments give birth once more to thoughts of the day, to that moment in time when captured forever yet for a year now, set aside and forgotten. What seemed so normal, when enhanced and enlarged, now show new and different views, and when we gaze into the split skies we wonder where we will be tomorrow, and most importantly, what will be different when we look back with changed and older eyes.

It was here on calm seas at sunset, music played loudly and there was dancing and the laughter I’m sure, could be heard floating on the wind as we moved past. Lights twinkled and the moon hung high in the sky, waiting for its moment to shine once the sun swam down below the horizon. I remember looking at all the faces there, smiling and happy and how I had much I felt I had grown in the past few days, here in this island paradise. At home a blizzard was creating chaos and here I was, in the midst of new friends yet still keeping separate, observing, lost in thought of the days to come.

I had come here to this place on a mission, and that mission was now fulfilled. I had become different, better and stronger and I stood tall and knew at that moment where I would go from there. I would write. I would become all I needed to be to fulfill the destiny I saw in place. As I looked up at the sky, breathing in the beauty and smelling the tinge of salt on the air, I knew I had come home. This is where I needed to be. Not necessarily this exact space, but near to the water, where the skies moved in glorious ways and where I felt peace, rocking on water, a photographer of my own life force. Through words I grew, and as I grew I changed more. I became centered, calm and the little things that before would mire me down were now tossed aside with an indifference. For good, bad or otherwise I was in a way reborn into myself. I set fear aside and embraced yesterday and today with like force. Each moment we live is like stacking pebbles into a pile. One at a time, each good moment becomes a piece of the castle we build and the only thing that can destroy it is for each bad moment we let in, because for each bad we all ow in, we must remove one pebble from the good pile. Well I chose to keep building, and higher and higher it goes. Occasionally I may have to remove a piece, like a Jenga game, pulling one out but if I can replace it right away, then no harm no foul.

The beliefs I hold change too, what I thought was so certain, when looked at closer and when hitting my life edit button I see new things in the image. I mark out dates, for that isn’t a priority for me, every day is a blessed day so why keep track of what year, what exact date….to me it doesn’t matter so I set it aside. But I pulled out a random photo card today and inserted this and it was from a trip to Key West on an Infinite Possibilities seminar weekend. I see the white line running through the clouds, something I hadn’t nocticed at the time, and it reminded me suddenly of who I was then, and who I’ve become. It is all a whole but there is an intersection where change occurred and to me it only enhanced the image. It is still beautiful, separate yet whole. I am changing and you are changing. With each word spoken and thought manifested, with every story we tell, it changes us. I hope to tell the story in a good way, to keep adding pebbles till that castle hits the sky. If you need a pebble, I’ll be happy to lend you one from my good pile, I’ve many more to collect and I like to share.