Finding love

In the corner of the yard he walks quietly as the sun sets slowly down beyond the horizon. He looks at each tree, every plant that grows in this new place, familiarizing himself with the nuances of the specimens and finally stopping to smell the jasmine that is finally nearing it’s end.

He calls to me then, a hint of excitement tinges his voice, “come and see this, and bring the camera” he says to me and I hurry out to see the sight that is animating him so. Hoping of course that it isn’t a big snake or baby gator back there, I arrive with the camera in hand. There it is before me, a heart shape of the palest green moss growing on a tree that we’ve been looking at each day and night for the last two months now, neither one of us had seen it before and now sitting there plain as day, a heart. “I hope it’s not broken” he says with a laugh, as the trunk bark separates and runs through the lovely green shape. “I’m sure it will be just fine, they make look broken but they always heal” I reply with a smile. We sit each night here in the lanai of our new home, watching the clouds and the sky change, hearing the silent tinkling of the wind chimes as the gentle breeze blows, and listening to the many birds that frequent us with song and merry antics, and we talk of our future, what we want, what we hope for and we feel the peace here that calms us on this new journey.

Now, unexpectedly finding love when least expected. Right in our own back yard.

He has a knack for knowing what makes me smile, what it is that I adore and once again, prince charming comes through….with love of course.

Eyes of love (Ode to Apple)

Through the sweetest eyes you speak to me

The love so deep within that waits for a simple hello,

I know what it is you’re thinking

as I have always known since the first time I saw you

hundreds of miles away in a cage,

sadness filled you then-left behind and forgotten

but now you have us and our undying affection

and as you speak to me with those eyes

it’s almost as if were you to be able to talk

I know you would surely say…..

Can I have a treat? How about a bone? Is it bone-thirty yet? 100_1582Can I have a biscuit? Whatcha got there for me? Can I have some too? Did you say walk? Did you say ride? I think I smell steak on that grill, am I right? Can I share some of that with you? I want to go out…I want to go in…..I think I’ll just get this dirt all good up there on your nice bed, okay? Hmmmmm….yep, that’s what she’d say.