Finding love

In the corner of the yard he walks quietly as the sun sets slowly down beyond the horizon. He looks at each tree, every plant that grows in this new place, familiarizing himself with the nuances of the specimens and finally stopping to smell the jasmine that is finally nearing it’s end.

He calls to me then, a hint of excitement tinges his voice, “come and see this, and bring the camera” he says to me and I hurry out to see the sight that is animating him so. Hoping of course that it isn’t a big snake or baby gator back there, I arrive with the camera in hand. There it is before me, a heart shape of the palest green moss growing on a tree that we’ve been looking at each day and night for the last two months now, neither one of us had seen it before and now sitting there plain as day, a heart. “I hope it’s not broken” he says with a laugh, as the trunk bark separates and runs through the lovely green shape. “I’m sure it will be just fine, they make look broken but they always heal” I reply with a smile. We sit each night here in the lanai of our new home, watching the clouds and the sky change, hearing the silent tinkling of the wind chimes as the gentle breeze blows, and listening to the many birds that frequent us with song and merry antics, and we talk of our future, what we want, what we hope for and we feel the peace here that calms us on this new journey.

Now, unexpectedly finding love when least expected. Right in our own back yard.

He has a knack for knowing what makes me smile, what it is that I adore and once again, prince charming comes through….with love of course.


19 thoughts on “Finding love

  1. Thanks Suzette,
    I’m so glad you enjoyed our space of love amongst nature. I love when we find hearts like hat when least expected, makes for another happy moment from the universe, beautiful gifts.
    Peace and love,

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  2. I really enjoyed your true story and the picture of the heart…How amazing is that (Nature at it’s best)
    This was a great for me to read and see such beauty both in picture and words first thing this morning
    Thank you for sharing

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  3. Yes, all good. Dentist today and antibiotics have helped tremendously and almost time for the dog walk, cottonwood going crazy around here…no allergy issues yet which is good, on enough meds these days….no more I say and hubbys birthday today…..I get mine in July….but every day is a celebration as far as I’m concerned….I am happy for you my friend, you’re sunshine is showing😀☀️
    Peace and rays of light and joy,

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  4. Good morning sunshine Sheldon,
    I shall rename you that today☀️
    I love this vibe I feel through the wires
    And I’m glad you are finding a good perception
    And it makes my heart soar,
    You’ve made my morning and I’ve only had
    A half a cuppa coffee too.
    A most excellent day
    Hope you slept well and
    YAY, I’m over the top happy now.
    Peace and sunshine,

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  5. It is the things within the whole of nature that bring me peace, I thrive on being at peace, or at least as close to it as I can. I’m so glad you enjoyed this piece and thank you for letting me know, I appreciate your comments, they make my day😊
    Peace and blessings,

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  6. Thanks Jason, it must be the warmth down here bringing out all of the love and joy. Don’t miss the ice and snow at all, just warm cozy love here💜😊


  7. The reinvention of creativity
    The reinvention of the meaning
    Most of what I need sit rite in front of me
    But depending on what my perspective is
    Seeing is not always believing
    Slowing down ,breathing into it
    Remaining positive
    That’s how I will find my love
    In all its dimension
    Not just the obvious
    But also the obscure
    Good morning Kim
    A s always Sheldon

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  8. You guys are so sweet, it’s such a delight to take in, honestly, it is…

    And, I couldn’t do anything but smile at this as I saw it in my mind’s eye being played out:

    ““I hope it’s not broken” he says with a laugh, as the trunk bark separates and runs through the lovely green shape. “I’m sure it will be just fine, they make look broken but they always heal” I reply with a smile.”

    This is the kind of love that lasts FOREVER.


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