Softly she comes

I thought it was gone before it began. Curled so tight into itself next to a deformed bloom that made it about half way then quit right where it stopped, half whole and dying. For days it remained there, clenched in its shell, the hidden beauty shy with the rest of the bunch. I walked out this morning and didn’t even glance her way, why would I, for she was not going to make it through the day, she wasn’t worthy as a big green tight pod sitting in water that evaporated daily, but I left here there….waiting….and waiting. 

Something happened overnight, perhaps some magic seeds twinkled in the midnight hour upon her sad self. Cinderella got her gown on and when I awoke, was mesmerized by her finery. Here the big bloom that couldn’t, finally could, and did she ever. Petals of peachy silk softness illuminated by the filtered sun, sitting there taking up half the vase and giving the daisies a run for the money in the looks department. She looked almost haughty in her upright uptight gorgeous way, saying look at me, look at me, the runway model of lilies she is, preening in her silky soft peachy petals, a center point of becoming. Here when I had almost given up hope, thinking my brown thumb did something wrong to deform the one and stunt this one, a miraculous sight surprises me yet again…..and did I tell you she has a little sister now too waiting to bloom? Priceless happiness from a four dollar Publix bouquet…..splendid indeed. 

Universal link

I think of this life, how we move through it, relate to it and the people we encounter, wondering sometimes why it is we connect to those who become an attachment to our lives, stuck like a happy piece of Velcro to our hearts. We find ourselves in unexpected places sometimes, and often making a connection, perhaps with a smile, a word of positivity or a hug to console. 

I heard a front screen door slam this morning and children’s voices, excitedly telling their mom that there were dogs out there. We were on our morning walk with the pups and two small boys came tentatively towards us, one asking if he could pet them. I turned and smiled, told them they’d love to be petted and that they were friendly. They took turns stroking Chi as Apple stood there with her Apple smile, staring past the boys who were holding up her squirrel hunt but stood stoicly while they reached out to pet her too. They smiled and looked back at their mother who stood by the house holding an infant in diapers, she raised her hand with a wave and I returned a wave, told the boys to have fun at school and we were back on our way. I turned back and as they walked to the bus stop, they kept turning around and waving, excitement and smiles lit them with a happy glow.

One small gesture that probably made their day that much more special. The dogs chose the direction we took this morning, and perhaps they knew that two children needed a bit of dog love , that’s how the universe works, casting magic when least expected.  

I am always energized by the little energy nudge this world gives, whether it’s an unexpected email from a friend carrying within a beautiful poem, or a letter of encouragement and love in the mail, or a piece of Key Lime pie delivered with a single candle from a special waitress for a birthday gift, so many wonderful things happen, we just have to stop sometimes and recognize each one and know how blessed we are. Friends, family and strangers all bring little pieces of happy to our lives, I love this universe and its gifts. We are indeed blessed.

The Apple post got a lot of love too, so today I thought I’d share the first photos I saw of the girls. The first was Chi’s SPCA pic and below is Apples from Manhatten animal control. Our two goofy happy blessings…and we hit a record today of an hour and twenty minutes for our walk….guess who’s tuckered out now? Enjoy your gifts my friend, each and every day.