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Silver light washes the sky-
I read my own poetry
as a late cardinal chips
praying thanks for each seed.

The little striped ones-
they bounce down the strandboard
that makes paths through the gardens
faces swollen with seed to save.

Copper and water make music-
invisible now in deepened dusk
each note calls the dark down
and the water cools with the night.

Old dogs snore and groan-
Brown Dog stretches across the couch
upside down to air her pink belly
while Black Dog, deaf now, sighs.

One car sweeps down the road-
far sirens sing long and low
silence pulls the shade
and your footsteps creak the stairs.

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Finding the way

Digging ourselves out of this nest we call life, searching for the place we belong, we meander here and there on the changing tides, sometimes tripping over unexpected obstacles on our chosen path, and then sometimes finding a clear and direct route to where we belong. Many fail on their journey, choosing to linger round the bright shiny lights that distract us, finding later that it has become too late to turn around and so we suffer for our ways and feel the sadness in the end. Some of us move towards the light and then the light goes out, leaving us only the moon and stars to guide us by. We stare above at the mesmerizing beauty of a universe we don’t always understand, but the steadfast lights never err. They become a part of who we are, our roadmap and compass to steer us right.

It is a journey we must take alone and although we may find ourselves in the company of kindred souls, each step is ours and ours alone to take. One step at a time, we hear the call of an endless mother ocean calling us home and we gather our strength and muster on, tripping over little things and big alike but we keep on keeping on. We feel the rhythm of the water as it lifts us gently and carries us forward, like a mothers arms in a cradled lullaby we feel at peace and know we are moving in the right direction. 

Many on the journey will move at their own pace, some making it to the awaited destination, others giving up or too sickly to finish trying. I Imagine myself as a strong one. Hitting those waves with a glee filled laugh that echoes to the heavens and says here I come, ready or not, plunging in headfirst into the beauty of life that has been waiting a thousand years for this very step to be taken, and my little arms keep growing stronger and the water is like a buoy bobbing me along like a mini surfer chick taking me on an amazing ride. Woo hoo, here I come world, watch me glide into the arms of a peaceful night sky and become my destiny. I am alive and I am me and with the flick of my stub little tail I descend to find forever and tomorrow just a stroke away.

Damn, I just love baby sea turtles…..aren’t they just the cutest things?

A kite life

Soaring high above where only birds tend to meander, aimlessly dipping and turning and moving on a thread and invisible wind, a shark dances playfully upon a cloudless sky. I shelter my eyes from the rays of a sun that bears down as I watch high above, wondering where it will land. Below the sight, swimmers frolick in rolling seas, indifferent of the sight above them and a man holds a child’s hand as they guide the fearsome shark towards the sea. The child looks at his fathers face as a smile from ear to ear playfully fills his little tanned face. A family vacation perhaps, moments spent playing kite instead of video games, and a lesson taught on guiding winds and honest time spent in the presence of a loved one. 

I watch them for a few minutes, leaving with only an image of the kite, not wanting to intrude on a father and son moment with my iPad camera. The kite still hung high above as if circling the swimmers in the sea and I kept hearing the theme from Jaws play on the soundtrack of my mind and I smile within to have seen this view today. I glanced at the beach goers, talking on cell phones or sleeping as their bodies burnt in the noon day sun and felt sad for the real fun they were missing out on. Talking to one another, playing together instead of being lost in a device, society today where everything is hurried or in need of constant entertainment. 

I tried once to fly a kite but with no one to teach me, failed miserably and got it stuck in a tree where it was ripped into pieces on some branches….never tried again much to my disappointment but here in this space and time, I could watch and imagine myself holding the string, dancing that beast on the wind with a smile from ear to ear, pretending to be a kid once again, living a moment of sublime glee. And for a moment I was that child, and the peace and memory will live on long after the shark lands and the sun sets down gently upon a tranquil sea.