In the light of a universe

I stood there cloaked in the light of a thousand stars,

glittering like rain that won’t fall

suspended above this questioning soul.

I reached up as if I,

a mere mortal,

could touch one,

as if I could reach so far to the heavens,

and the cool emptiness of my hands left me sad

although I understood,

the hollowness that sat within

like the weight of a hundred years

and I asked my questions to the silence

and only the echo

of a distant dog was heard in reply.

Such a solitary place it is within a star,

so far away and so many wishes

yet unable to answer

except in falling,

always so rare.

Pale glitter painted sky of my dreams,

touched by the brush of such a gifted hand

and as I sit here quietly watching

each day that plays out

I bless the clouds for keeping their distance

when I needed to see,

to feel so very deeply

this beautiful piece hung for my pleasure.



14 thoughts on “In the light of a universe

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  2. You’re welcome and congrats non smoking ladybug..been a.most ten years for me…cancer will do that for you….a good thing…not missing it…at all…..peace and love and welcome, always, Kim


  3. A different sky down here, and a different schedule of light…still meandering my way…not remembering my dreams down here…almost bogged down…but there is he ocean…I suppose we trade off…but I miss them…there’s still the stars…..always, the stars….
    Love, K

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  4. Sometimes I feel the need, the pull, to venture into the darkness to find myself once again. I am not perfect. I get lost…a lot….and in those times I need to seek counsel of those that can guide me, friends, stars….too many to number….meandering through like everyone believe it or not….sequestered in the arms of the stars….searching for grounding…..glad you can relate, your comment steers my boat…peace and meandering, Kim


  5. Needed to see, to feel so very deeply….
    It is such an amazingly deep feeling to see something so beautiful. Something just for you – that can bring you to your knees with tears rolling down your cheeks.

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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