Into life

Rhythm of movement as color streaks across

Into life these splashes fill

The empty vessel of the everyday 

Into a rainbow of bliss.

Simple journey to live art on the streets

Taken from walls

The blackboard words left behind

Creation of a new speak

Of peace.

Graffiti eyes move through crowds

While smiles throw confetti on fear

For the moment is now as the drum beats on

Marching in a dervish dance

Beneath the skies of a universe

For a moment united,


Spiral moments

Moving along this winding road

Turning endlessly into itself

We meander step by step 

Taking care to enjoy the journey.

Laughter cast upon a rising sun

Running after rabbits like dogs at a race

Meeting the passing spirit with a smile

And glancing through a sale of a memory or two.

We pass these signs each and every day

Out then in returning to start

Startled by a braided skin chain that waits in death

Orange-red flecked serpent still.

Coins fall into the metal box

Open sesame the door falls forward

Gather the daily rag to see nothing new

As the white picket fence beckons

The lukewarm coffee waits

As we catch our breath

Spiraling down into steady rhythm

Let the day begin

With peace.

Thoughts on this morning, our walk and jog this time with the girls, chasing rabbits and startled by a dead snake curled on the road….eeek….they scare me senseless…..stopped at a yard sale and got the paper too…we will see what else the day brings….more iced tea definately…..peace, love and a gentle Sunday to you my friends. 💜K

Heart of Night

Ah, the love and peace an old dog brings…A beautiful post by Jane.


imageDive deep down now…
inside the blackness
into the heat of extinguished suns
where the night and beauty are one.

This softness like no other
embraces us with tender filaments
rocks us to sleep with slow soft heavings
that rush quiet wind through the blackness.

Enter this fresh world
see with these round brown eyes
love with the greatest heart that lives
know the faithful adoration of an old dog.

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