Spiral moments

Moving along this winding road

Turning endlessly into itself

We meander step by step 

Taking care to enjoy the journey.

Laughter cast upon a rising sun

Running after rabbits like dogs at a race

Meeting the passing spirit with a smile

And glancing through a sale of a memory or two.

We pass these signs each and every day

Out then in returning to start

Startled by a braided skin chain that waits in death

Orange-red flecked serpent still.

Coins fall into the metal box

Open sesame the door falls forward

Gather the daily rag to see nothing new

As the white picket fence beckons

The lukewarm coffee waits

As we catch our breath

Spiraling down into steady rhythm

Let the day begin

With peace.

Thoughts on this morning, our walk and jog this time with the girls, chasing rabbits and startled by a dead snake curled on the road….eeek….they scare me senseless…..stopped at a yard sale and got the paper too…we will see what else the day brings….more iced tea definately…..peace, love and a gentle Sunday to you my friends. 💜K

9 thoughts on “Spiral moments

  1. We just moved down to Florida, temporary retirement while I job hunt and we work on getting the house up to snuff, today a floor in the den…so much to do, but the sun keeps shining so that brings me peace, rain on tap this week….peace and love, Kim

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  2. Getting hot and sticky here, a breeze but a warm one….almost ready for,a happy nap….siesta time…..then swimming….cool,down in 90 degree water😊 happy Sunday Tre😊💜K

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  3. Good morning again Sheldon,
    A great walk, even jogged for awhile….the snake made me jump….scary critters they are….as long as they stay out of the yard….glad you enjoyed it, hope you’re feeling good today….off on a road trip….don’t know where…a surprise again…..ill take the camera😊💜Always, sunshine K

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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