One step into calm

I get mesmerized by shades of life,

Purples into blue

Sweet lavender hue sweeping across skies

In the depths of my mind,

Remembering once upon a time

Before it softly drifts away.

I close my eyes and surrender to quiet

Fueled by the present beating of a heart like a drum

Softly played in the distance

Breathing in and out

Trying to capture the essence

Vanilla and jasmine on the wind

Playfully distracting me

From the task at hand.

I move deeper into the shallow spaces

Beneath an image I project in place

Of what should be

Yet denied the total immersion

Into the waiting hands of

A blissful moment.

So I go back in time

To that place of a sky torn in two

Between darkness and light

I ride the fine line

Knowing I will be blown on the winds of change

To where I need to be.

Sharing the joy

Between the moments of laughter and joy

There lies a land where friends wait

A place filled with hopes and dreams

Where all are welcome

Where you will find a place to belong.

In a world of constant sorrow and pain,

Where darkness haunts the crevices of the mind,

It is here within the circle where you can just sit and be,

Comforted in a hand to hold

A hug to gather you close,

A place where you can be happy.

We wait beneath skies filled with birds that fly high

Like the deepest wish set free to soar,

We spread words like rainbows falling down in colored filters

To give life to a tired world,

We sing of the music that gives rhythm to a heartbeat,

Fast to slow and all in between,

Dancing for pleasure while no one watches,

Moving our arms like butterfly wings

Drifting on a wind

Settling down to embrace the Spring,

Kisses on blooms gathered

And given like a gift

To the ones we love.

Each blessing we have and give,

The more we receive in the end,

So sending to you all my heartfelt joy and love

For a beautiful day

Today and every one after,

Peace and blessings,