One step into calm

I get mesmerized by shades of life,

Purples into blue

Sweet lavender hue sweeping across skies

In the depths of my mind,

Remembering once upon a time

Before it softly drifts away.

I close my eyes and surrender to quiet

Fueled by the present beating of a heart like a drum

Softly played in the distance

Breathing in and out

Trying to capture the essence

Vanilla and jasmine on the wind

Playfully distracting me

From the task at hand.

I move deeper into the shallow spaces

Beneath an image I project in place

Of what should be

Yet denied the total immersion

Into the waiting hands of

A blissful moment.

So I go back in time

To that place of a sky torn in two

Between darkness and light

I ride the fine line

Knowing I will be blown on the winds of change

To where I need to be.

23 thoughts on “One step into calm

  1. If you can reopen it, just leave a post with the new blog link in it, and make sure on your gravitar page you have them both linked😊

    Kim Laettner



  2. Apparently it still links to the old one even though it deletes. I guess I don’t know how to change it.


  3. Following now….for your future followers though, when I ckicked on your gravitar, wordpress took me to the old blog, not the new one….a story teller, I like that😊dabbling a bit in them myself these days. Following both of yours now. Peace and blessings, Kim


  4. Hi Frank, I usually do around two a day, sometimes three. I’m following you now but it is time for swimming and I look forward to listening to the posts of your singing😊 welcome to my world and sending peace, love and blessings,

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  5. I currently only have one post, but I hope you can check out my writing as well if you have time.
    I’ll keep looking out for your posts to come!

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  6. That’s always a good thing to do, I try to,get out a few times a day, even if it’s hanging the wash to,dry, gazing at the sky calms me….flying away in my mind like,the large White Sea birds here.
    Peace and blessings,

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