5 The Holocaust Box

A story brought to light from one of my favorite story tellers. I am stunned and I had to share it, history, stories, all entwined to make life what it is….please leave any comments on Johns site. Sad and powerful and I will let his words speak for themselves…..wow…..K

John's Storybook Volume One

I have a box on my desk. Here is where my father lived.

One year ago today I received a large box with all Papa’s papers in it. It came from Douglass and Cohn, Solicitors of Bank Place, Melbourne. In it were all the records of my family’s dealings with the law as long as I can remember. They keep all documentation for twenty years and then destroy it unless any of the family wants it and I am the only family.

I have two fathers. I know that now but I only found out one year ago. One year ago I only knew Papa. Mama died when I was twelve and I loved her dearly. She was always such a happy person. I really could do with her now but that is asking too much – I am eighty years old and I will join them all soon.


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2 thoughts on “5 The Holocaust Box

  1. Thanks Derrick
    I think I might have found you through one of your comments on Johns blog, he’s a good read and a good teacher too. I loved the story….bittersweet and sad, made me cry.
    Have a great day my friend,

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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