And I awoke

I fell asleep last night, and like most nights did it in the same way, with words running amok through my head like a rollercoaster on the downward first plunge. Eighty miles an hour the thoughts took each twist and turn, moving words in sequences and plucking many out like fleas off of an infested dog. Nope, no good, pull that one and replace. Yes, that one works good there. I did this for a few moments, rehearsing the lines over and over again so that I would remember them, so that they would be given actual life on a piece of internet page for the world to see and judge. I fell asleep with words of beauty on my tongue, nodding in harmony to the rhythmic flow of creation.

I had many dreams last night. I know this as I woke with each passing one with a smile because of the fact that I remembered them, so many varieties of thought dreams. This is so big for me for since I’ve moved, the dream thief has stolen each and every one upon waking. I don’t know why I am not still given the gift down South that I had up North, perhaps the warm weather soothes the nightmares away, leaving only good words in the morning to put to life. I like to think so.

And I awoke this morning as my fingers moved, fast and steady typing on an old typewriter of all things, forcing each key down as I rushed to get the words out before they slipped away around the corner. My joints ached and I realized as the dawn of awakening tends to show, I remembered what I was doing, why my fingers ached. I was dreaming of  typing poetry and capturing each dream before it was lost.

Perhaps I should sleep with the keyboard on and actually get massive amounts of writing done, but then the mind wouldn’t rest and the fingers would fall off I would think. Besides, I like my sleep and why interrupt it with light. More comes from the darkness and with the light of waking, so much lost yet so much found.

15 thoughts on “And I awoke

  1. I work mostly on the iPad….it glows and I think the husband would kill me if I stayed permanently attached to the thing….I can’t sleep sitting up or with any light….so I would be writing till I died I think😀
    Thanks Derrick, I think I may purchase a small recorder…click and whisper all night long😀

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  2. Good morning Sheldon,
    I used to sleep so deeply and would dream all night,
    Now I sleep and dream and wake,
    Then fall back to sleep and do it all over again…
    Almost like Groundhog Day (the movie)
    But it stirs the stories in my head,
    Always a good thing,
    Good luck with Dr….
    Peace and love,


  3. Sometimes you must wake in the night and put it all down. My story that I am most proud off came as a dream and I woke up and typed it straight away. In the morning I had forgotten it and when I read the draft it surprised me. The Holocaust Box.

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  4. Isn’t it fun?? Or not, I used to get up and write them down, now I figure they’ll surface when needed, reason and purposes….still have the old uterus so that can’t be it😊 peace and roller coasting love,


  5. I hardly ever remember my dreams. I like that – the dream thief. I used to remember, until I got a hysterectomy in 1999, It’s like my dreams lived in my uterus, or my dreams were surgically removed. They are finally starting to filter back.
    When I am thinking of writing before falling asleep, I think of the best things and think, “of course I will remember THAT!! But, sadly no. I don’t know why I continue to lie to myself like that. Part of me knows perfectly well I won’t remember. But like you, it’s a choice between getting some needed sleep and getting up and writing it down.
    Thanks Kim. I’m glad I’m not the only one on the night time roller coaster.

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  6. I used to remember them all upon waking, now I forget most of them, although I do think they’re still in the mind somewhere for I always have something to write about each day, a blessing in itself, but I shall try your trick, can’t hurt to try.
    Peace and sweet dreams,

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  7. Thanks Kim, it made me laugh and though I know I won’t remember, at least the intent is there to try….that or get up and write and then I will be up all night…gotta walk the dogs at the crack of dawn before it gets too hot to take them….I need a voice recorder I think…..😊
    Peace and love,

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