Through her fingers-(a short story)

“When all the stars are falling down Into the sea and on the ground, 

And angry voices carry on the wind, 

A beam of light will fill your head 

And you’ll remember what’s been said 

By all the good men this world’s ever known.” Melancholy Man-The Moody Blues

The song played quietly in the background as he looked around the dimly lit room, not sure why he was here, only knowing that the eerie purple “come in” sign in the window called for him to see what lay beyond the shuttered door. 

The old hunchbacked woman gazed into his blue eyes as she shuffled the deck, and reaching out her hand, gnarled and wrinkled like an old withered tree, felt her grasp his fingers with a surprising strength and looked up into her rheumy eyes. She had him hold the cards for just a moment and then pulled them back with a nod, as if he had enough time with her beloved treasure, and then she calmly began to sort them one by one into some kind of order that only she knew. He lifted his hand and ran his fingers through the brown shaggy locks of hair that had fallen into his eyes and then looked at each card she placed had before him.

 “You will return to me” she said with a throaty younger womans voice which startled him, and he watched as before his eyes, she began to change. Her hands that held the remaining cards became smooth and a ring on her finger he hadn’t noticed before began to glow a strange green. Her eyes became a beautiful shade of jade, the rheumy opaqueness now gone. Her hair lay in brown waves down her back and there was no longer even a touch of grey. He looked around the room which hadn’t changed at all and then back at the old, now young woman seated before him. She smiled and handed him an object, a mirror he realized, that was facedown. “I’ve waited as a hundred stars fell, like each tear as the years passed and I knew you’d come, I just didn’t know when” she said passively, then took his hand in hers. 

Confused, he looked down in sudden shock to see that his hand had now become a gnarled tree-like appendage and hers silky smooth like a young woman’s. He lifted the mirror with a trembling hand and gazed at his image, and as her laughter filled the space between them, he heard a scream from within his soul.

Just trying out a bit of short story fun today…..let me know what you think.

35 thoughts on “Through her fingers-(a short story)

  1. I went back and had another look. There is a truth there for me, and that is the price we are prepared to pay for love or maybe the price we end up paying that we never prepared ourself for. Once you let go a lot of stuff rises to the surface.

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  2. Thanks Lady, I shall do that tonight….no dreams last night…have to get a tooth pulled this morning so I think I was under a bit mind stress…a nap I’m sure today😊

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  3. I like this. What I always try to do is have a decent bit of the truth that I either add to or turn around completely. I think I succeed whenever someone asks me “Was that true?”

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  4. I’ve seen them so many times I’ve lost count Sheldon, even their solo albums, I have them all….I was thinking of question of balance and in my internet search from hell, the lyrics to this came up, for a reason I suppose, so I went with it….the rest moved out in a wave from there. Thank you and I’m glad you enjoyed, short stories usually aren’t my thing but I thought, eh, why not? Peace and love and a pain free sleep to you my friend,
    As always and good evening,
    Kayak Kim….
    bought two kayaks today…gonna be set free on the water at my leisure, rent free…priceless…and I can fish….if I learned how and bought a license…..ah, always something,
    Love ya and wish me luck with Steve Martin tomorrow…he was the dentist in Sgt. Peppers movie…oh god, don’t get me started….
    Kim, your pal…a very tired one at that…..sorry…..


  5. Perhaps I can finish it in my dreams tonight, not sure where it came from, but must be there for a reason….I will ponder it further😊peace and love my Lady, Kim


  6. YAY! Yanks Ka, love the feedback…not sure where he story came from but seems popular….I think I need a conclusion…perhaps…lets see what the dreams come up with. Peace and love, K

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  7. When I finish the dream tonight I may write a part two…not normally my style but it kept bubbling up to the surface, which I always listen to…..hmmm, now I have to wonder myself…..peace and love, welcome back too Mistress Morgan😊 peace and beauty, Kim


  8. Thanks Josh, not sure where it came from and even hubby was intrigued when I told him of it and he doesn’t care for much of what I write…..perhaps that I itself is a sign😊 thank you, your opinion means a lot, peace and love, Kim

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  9. I love this! It has a sweetly twisted Twilight-Zone flavor. The textures are as excellent as the visuals. I am hoping for more. I felt like I was sitting right there watching the entire story unfold.

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  10. I absolutely love it. It has that Twilight-Zone flavor of sweetly twisted fear. The textures are amazing as well. I really felt like I was sitting right there with them.


  11. This was just enough fantasy and a little bit of horror included! I liked this very much since it leaves you wondering and filling in your own ending. . . I have often wondered about magical transformations and this one where they traded places was amazing! 🙂

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