Time waits

Marching on in an endless progression, ticking away each second, each fraction of a moment of our lives, swept away by the second hand.

We endlessly wait, on the end of a phone as the computer speaks and our pressure rises because it isn’t real, it isn’t human. Running like the rat through a maze, obstacles thrust in our way, push one for…push two for…..please wait while I transfer you, to yet another mechanical voice and we are trapped, waiting. 

Sitting in a cold room on a metal table or in a chair beneath the harsh light, staring at drab posters meant to soothe and the white marred color of the four walls, our time is never worth much to those that pack the cage a bit too full, gotta get more in, yes, we can squeeze you in yet a watch will never give you extra seconds, extra minutes do not exist, and we wait.

Years move on without us, today will be the same tomorrow but you will change. More grey, more tired, more impatient for more time to live, after all of the lost moments we fritter away, in the end it is what we ask for, more seconds on the clock to try for one more score of a beautiful moment, one more minute to whisper words never spoke , one more hour to squeeze out one last visit, one more day to last a lifetime…but it is here where there is no waiting, all the rush and bustle of haste and the clock stops, frozen in that space of a second and then we will find how long it is that eternity lasts for.

What is it really when it all keeps moving, something in our experience much larger than ourselves…or perhaps it is we that need to put a name to each experience, negative at the thought of wasted time. It comes and goes, with or without us, tick tock and the world keeps turning. Do we stand and wait or fly untethered by time itself, free at last to just embrace and live regardless. There goes another moment never to return, at least I have this….fleeting thoughts.

27 thoughts on “Time waits

  1. Sometimes change is good, sometimes awkward,
    Just letting things flow where they want to go,
    A bit of this
    A bit of that….nice to see you,
    Your windchimes are active tonight 😊
    Hope you’re good and daughter is good too….
    Out on the water tomorrow,
    Much needed…
    Peace and love dear muse,

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  2. Ooh, I must scoot over and read. I have a full mailbox as my head hero bed yesterday and the computer glow didn’t help, read the poetry find instead. Ouch and double ouch, I shall send healing prayers, not that I don’t daily but yes, you will rise above and be positive. I know you will conquer. I shall call you Sheldon the conquerer! And it will be so!
    Peace and love,
    Always….time for ibuprofen, lightning storm last night, not a good sleep and my first coffee since yesterday at seven am. Ah…good.


  3. I’m getting a huge needle of steroids
    Absolutely noooooooooooooooooooooo surgery
    We shall see
    They got to put me out to do the needle
    I’m in this to win
    I will make this work
    The lite in me will carry me
    I just posted my positivity
    As always Sheldon

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  4. I will do so gladly my friend, at least the swelling went down,
    And do you need surgery for that? It must be awful, I feel your pain, knowing mine will be passing while yours just goes on….holding your hand and we will get throug, we’ve got each other, right? I’ve some catching up to do tomorrow on my reads, today was spent with a poetry book I found, just did a post on it, and it brought me a lot of joy and peace…..reasons and purposes.
    Goodnight my friend
    Sleep well, dream much,
    And create with your amazing mind good things,
    See you 2morrow,
    As always,

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  5. Oh god
    Teeth pain
    I’ve been there
    I went to the Dr yesterday
    I got a herniated disc
    And today something going on with my stomach
    I’ll hold your hand if you hold ……..
    The Sheldon Perspective

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  6. Thanks Morgan,
    Had to get a tooth pulled today, in some pain and knew I was going to be playing the waiting game, and was pleasantly surprised not to be….just waiting for the pain to subside now…..too bad, had already spent over 1500$ on that same tooth many years ago to save it….nothing lasts forever….peace and love, Kim

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  7. Thank you Sheldon,
    Still in a bit of pain and living on ibuprofen, should be a bit more back to normal tomorrow ….I hope so at least. Eating soft food bites!
    But the gelato was divine…miss my nightly handful of nuts….sigh,
    Such is life my friend, and thank You for understanding and bringing me up when I’m down. Always in appreciation and love, K


  8. There is always going to be the harshness of reality
    But in those moments of creativity
    Of quite
    When you alone there is a sudden burst of lite
    Reminding you that life has many dimensions
    As long as there recognition of these
    There will always be peace within
    The Sheldon Perspective
    Thank you Kim
    For all you’ve done
    And for all you are

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  9. My boss once had a go at me for coming to work late. I was at the stage where I had stopped worrying if he was annoyed or not. So I told him I would make up for being late by leaving early. I had gone to my office before he worked out I was being rude to him.

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  10. I think many of us wasted much time or moments. Our entire life even wasted at workplace and when I come to think about it that more than half of my life as a human being going to work, work and work and my money goes elsewhere and disappeared elsewhere …

    But just like WFDEC said, we are actually also wasted worry about how much time we waste.

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  11. Haha’ touché my friend, I am a perfectly punctual person who gets persnickety as if I am early or on time, why isn’t my time then as valuable as theirs……so I write it out, therefor, not wasted time at all.i managed to accomplish something and happy to take the time to respond😀 going to get a tooth pulled in a half hour, killing time till then😊 fun day indeed. But still a gift😊

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  12. Thank you, yes I often find it absurd how much time wasted just on phone calls alone, when talking to a human would be so much faster, now off to the doctors….to wait I’m sure🤔

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