Web of confusion

We seek the answers in skies that hang like paper mache globes

Moons that peer at us from high above our heads,

Cinderella to the ball beneath the crystal sky

A universe waiting for the curious.

I sit below a million stars, still so far from all I’ve known

And it is home everywhere

No matter near or far, 

just a different scene

New perspectives to explore.

Mind that drifts in slight confusion

Rely on moments spent speaking to the world

In quiet moments we wait for the voice to be heard,

For the creator to give solace

In a simple answer.

Yet still we seek, although we know

For each glimpse within the images set out like oil paintings on walls,

Don’t touch, capture the photo with no flash

For the light destroys the pigment over time,

As too much reality beneath a sun

Tends to burn.

Our thoughts cannot hang on walls

Yet they hang in crevices like cobwebs forgotten in drafty attics

And we will run into them when least expected,

Abandoned of life,

Ghosts of themselves…

Free of anything but the fear as they settle unexpectedly

On your body and soul.

In search of something

We leave behind footprints in sands as we walk in the night, crossing from wake to dreaming, the little breadcrumbs of thought left behind sparingly, so in case we lose sight, we can find our way back once more. Words on paper fading as the years pass, as I run my finger across each line as I had done when I was young, the darkness comes on slowly and I am unaware until I follow the line into emptiness. 

I have forgotten why I came here. I knew I was searching for something in the stacks of memories and it sits there, just beyond reach and I grasp at is it this? Or this? And I laugh aloud as I move carefully in the night, lightning crashes and I am illuminated once more, moving forward from room to room, searching for something. I open the glass as jagged white lines arc in the sky and I’m mesmerized by this show beyond and the cat rushes in as the clock flickers, midnight over and over again. 

I had a dream, I remember it as if it were just a memory of yesterday, and I walked in the sand as my feet kept sinking deeper and deeper, but I wasn’t going anywhere it seemed, just endlessly drifting deeper into the sand and so I stopped. Ahead was only more sand and a blue sky, yet when I turned around I was on my back porch, watching lightning crash in the sky, and the sight was frightening yet exhilarating. Perhaps I was searching for the light that woke me, in the darkness I danced with the lightning and once the thunder came to join the dance, I was a partner to the show before me, I had found the light at last. I don’t know,still what it was I was searching for, perhaps nature just called me to stop and visit awhile. I’m so glad I answered.