Little lavender (a haiku)

Sweet lavender blooms

A scent that calms the senses

Peace lives here at home.
Tabletop flower

Replacing fresh cut bouquet

Shelf life much longer.
Brown thumb will attempt

Water and love to keep life

Stay alive dammit.

We’ve traded in the usual fresh cut bouquets for this pretty little lavender…now let’s hope Kimmie brown thumb doesn’t kill it😊

Please vote for me! 2 days left

I am a huge believer in following your dreams and I’ve been following Limarie for a short while now and enjoy the positivity I find on her page, please vote for her to help her in her quest, because we know beauty comes from within, size doesn’t matter and the world just needs some more happy inspiring people to keep reaching for that dream and achieving it. Thanks my friends, I appreciate it.

Her Breaking Point

Some of you have been following my blog for a while and some of you are new. Thank you! I have decided to step out on faith today and join the #everyBODY contest. This contest will help to get me a cover page on Plus Model Magazine with another model, win $1000 worth of clothes, a mini makeover and a 3 night stay in NY at a 4 star hotel. Sounds good right? I really want to win! I don’t like contests though and I really don’t like asking people for votes because I know it can sometimes be annoying but well here I am asking you for your kind vote. Help me to make this happen! I only have 2 days left, I decided late to go for it and there are many others with more votes before me now but anything is possible and you never know if…

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Dance of fire

Eyes draw in to the flicker of flame

Dancing lashes light the night

Imagination moves in varying shades

White hot blue into rippling red orange,

I gaze lost in the moment of a fire unleashed

As a song plays in my memory

And a young man singing in lace white finery 

Staring into my eyes

Setting the soul alive.

The time to hesitate is through

Gotta live each moment before it’s gone,

Flickering out like a candle extinguished

Smoke tendrils rise

Then fall into the air seeping slowly away,

And I stand before the inferno

As the cool moon stands watch above me

The sound of silence only broken

By the Mojo in my mind.

Lighting the fire of passion of life

Dancing in the pale moonlight

Turning in to see the sun

Rising to take me higher.