Please vote for me! 2 days left

I am a huge believer in following your dreams and I’ve been following Limarie for a short while now and enjoy the positivity I find on her page, please vote for her to help her in her quest, because we know beauty comes from within, size doesn’t matter and the world just needs some more happy inspiring people to keep reaching for that dream and achieving it. Thanks my friends, I appreciate it.

Her Breaking Point

Some of you have been following my blog for a while and some of you are new. Thank you! I have decided to step out on faith today and join the #everyBODY contest. This contest will help to get me a cover page on Plus Model Magazine with another model, win $1000 worth of clothes, a mini makeover and a 3 night stay in NY at a 4 star hotel. Sounds good right? I really want to win! I don’t like contests though and I really don’t like asking people for votes because I know it can sometimes be annoying but well here I am asking you for your kind vote. Help me to make this happen! I only have 2 days left, I decided late to go for it and there are many others with more votes before me now but anything is possible and you never know if…

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5 thoughts on “Please vote for me! 2 days left

  1. Thanks Sheldon, it just asks for email and you say send confirmation, then in your email you confirm…easy peasy and thank you,
    And good afternoon too my friend😊💜


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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