Strange imagination

Of cows upon seas

sweet mermaid whisperings to gentle manatees

and birds that fly in wait

searching for what lies below the surface

of a patterned wave

illusions of strange imaginations.

Passing ships in search of a sale

large fish fly at the end of the line

slowly reeled in with gaping mouths

like children who see incredible things

and into the hold for a date on ice

moving beyond view on the waves bound for somewhere.

Why is it this cow,

or perhaps it is a manatee in costume

wanting to be above where the comical people live

a sea cow adrift on a crystal blue meadow

searching for the green of grass to sup,

as it dangles beneath out of reach

what an udder shame I would think

this bull who seems

like a fish out of water,

the things you will see

never cease to amaze

in this riverwalk land.

Image of a piece of artwork found at Bradenton River Walk…ignore the date as usual….I will remedy that soon, when I figure out how…..just a little strange imagination at work on a Sunday afternoon.

Shining on

Words move through space like rays of the sun, settling in spaces where darkness resides, pushing in to make room for glittering light. Each word that squeezes into the heart and begins to grow into something that leaves us speechless, that bring such joy and beauty leaving only awe in its place. Across miles our minds move, taking up a position, if only to reside and hold the invisible hand, wrapping it in understanding and kindness.

I find most to be like the shiny gold glitter, like the fragments of flaked gold found in Goldschlager…moving about doing their thing, hanging in a weightless space just being, so filled with beauty that you smile at the wonder of it.  You want to pour out the liquid and catch them all in your hands, painting a picture with the fragments of glitter, perhaps a heart with glue on paper, decked out in splendor, created with wonder and love. 

You hold this in your hands and read, do you know that this is about you? How I get so filled with wonder at the little bits of goodness that truly become mountains of magnificence. I read your words, experience a sight of beauty through your photos, smile at the simplest way we are all human and in it all together. Yes, this is about you. A beautiful sun shines beyond my window and I sit here and wonder at who you are, what goes through your mind as you create, wonder what makes you laugh and cry….and I don’t need to wonder why it is that my thought move to there, to thoughts of the beautiful amazing glittering souls that fill my world with joy. My thoughts move to you because you inspire me each day that I wake, I read and wonder at the beings that make my day so much better, so thank you my invisible friends. This is for you. Shine on and be amazing. Peace and love and throwing the glitter to make this world shine!