Strange imagination

Of cows upon seas

sweet mermaid whisperings to gentle manatees

and birds that fly in wait

searching for what lies below the surface

of a patterned wave

illusions of strange imaginations.

Passing ships in search of a sale

large fish fly at the end of the line

slowly reeled in with gaping mouths

like children who see incredible things

and into the hold for a date on ice

moving beyond view on the waves bound for somewhere.

Why is it this cow,

or perhaps it is a manatee in costume

wanting to be above where the comical people live

a sea cow adrift on a crystal blue meadow

searching for the green of grass to sup,

as it dangles beneath out of reach

what an udder shame I would think

this bull who seems

like a fish out of water,

the things you will see

never cease to amaze

in this riverwalk land.

Image of a piece of artwork found at Bradenton River Walk…ignore the date as usual….I will remedy that soon, when I figure out how…..just a little strange imagination at work on a Sunday afternoon.

17 thoughts on “Strange imagination

  1. Thanks Sheldon,
    I’m in a strange place tonight
    Very music inclined and Teary eyed,
    Was watching Bowie in German,
    Showing my husband,
    I love him dearly but we are years and miles apart
    Some days in music tastes,
    So I cry,
    But it is a healing light cry
    As I watch him sing “Imagine”
    And the goosebumps rise
    And sometimes it’s so hard to explain…
    But I know you understand…
    So I can speak to the artistic passion of life and not be misrepresented,
    And nothing…will keep us….
    We can be heroes….
    Forever and ever…
    Or just for one day….
    I’m sorry,
    Disregard my nonsense…
    I’m marching to the beat of the drummer
    Who is lost again…
    It happens,
    It’s good Cathartic?
    But good….
    I miss our talks….
    Praying for happy peaceful injections that will restore,
    Like a young relic,
    Resurfacing the Mona Lisa,
    Why does she smile?
    Because she doesn’t know life yet….
    My bad,
    I’m sorry…
    Long day and my brain is hard wired into Eric Burdon now….
    Go figure….
    Peace my friend,


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