Blue room poet

I am the blue room poet,

Sea spray hue fills the senses as I look past the window

Watching life move,

Watercolor dreams falling through my thoughts

As a quiet peace fills my soul with calm.

Pieces put together,

Ocean view colored walls

A place to sit and ponder,

A room to fill with beauty.

Each day will pass by slowly as the ocean waves move endlessly

With or without

We remain here filling spaces

New places from the old

Turning home into the need

Just a space to think,

To breathe

As silence fills the night as the sun goes falling down

The gentle moon will rise

And cast its silken glow

On the special place

Where a poet dwells

Creating words spun from a blue room.

Just finished painting the room which is where my desk will again reside, sea spray blue is the chosen color with white trim and oak floor. Once put back together, I will capture a pic of where I create, but for now, I’m too pooped to move everything back in, so just a reflective poem instead… Lionel sings to me from the kitchen…..Truly…..

Peace and blessings, K

I am the Lizard Bling

Slowly creeping on a wall in the sun

basking with pearls and gems

Silky tongued lizard showing off his wares

The Lizard of Bling on the pier.

He knows you watch in wonder

as he flaunts his finest choice

bejeweled as he gazes upon the world

watching us, watching him.

He knows he is so pretty

in lavender and pinks

beside the yachts that lay sleeping

he is the King of his world indeed.

I saw this Lizard on the wall at Pier twenty-something….can’t quite remember, but this guy, if you saw him, you would definitely remember. He seemed to be a cross between Elvis and Prince and of course, being in the company of a star such as his self, had to stop and take a picture. Down at Bradenton Riverwalk. and for good measure, a not so bejeweled image of yours truly…and no, I did not stop and partake of the ice cream….maybe next time….gotta get that bikini body in order…but my muscles look like that, mm hmm, yep.