A drop of sweetness

I dreamt of beauty,

beauty inspired by the touch of your lips ,

lips so soft upon mine as I lay waiting,

waiting and watching the dream unfold,

unfolding like a new bloom on the rose.

I flew through skies the color of purple

purple setting sun echoes rippling on meadows.

The rain fell upon us as the sun switched course,

coursing through my veins the blood so hot-

hot enough to cast moisture on my sleeping form,

formless we became one.

One moment of a thousand dreams,

dreams that leave me wondering where is the memory

memory that slips away like a drifting fog

fog of emptiness dissipates when gone away,

away from the edge of my thought-

thoughts that lent beauty and magic to the night,

night that slips beyond back into day-

daydreams that read like a sonnet or poem-

poems of splendor and passion-

passion like the purple of a rose unfolding,

unfolding like your arms as they pull me close.

19 thoughts on “A drop of sweetness

  1. Thanks, it was an Internet searched beauty….I haven’t seen any such specimens down here yet, but when I do….I shall let them grow unharmed….promise😊


  2. Yeah, kind of admired it too…couldn’t let such a beauty go by without some words…glad you enjoyed…not my Rose of course….a Bing internet rose….but just as sweet😊🌹


  3. Scrambling….
    Sometimes it’s best to post wishes….
    I admire the honesty you put out there….
    Thinks it’s time for a little escape to the other land…
    You make my day shine my friend,
    Even Elizabeth goaded me into the F word….
    There goes my effortless jaunt into the heavens…smiles…
    Peace and love to you and the little J monster,
    From me and the kids….
    Auntie K

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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