Seventh book, seventh chapter

“I try to experience that feeling of closeness, the feeling that no matter how far away something is, that I can touch it, connect with it. And then I breathe it in.” Chapter: Engaging the flow excerpt from The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield

I stand there locked in space and time, living in a world of a thousand thoughts that go zipping through my mind,
runaway thoughts like a comet that is chased by its tail across the universe.
I stand there in the middle, weary and oft time overwhelmed by the magnitutde of it all, and sometimes finding it so hard to gather it all together, to put it in some kind of order. But the sky up there, it laughs at me, this poor tiny soul who has forgotten that even so tiny, I am a part of it all. Sometimes I forget. Sometimes I just have to let it go, to be at one with the thousand thoughts, so I build my ship and sail on the rippling energy waves, flowing where the tides take me. I dream in sleep-wakefullness and am pleasantly surprised when the ship runs into ground, jarring me out of this reverie. I am here, in this peaceful state of a bliss awakened.

The seventh book, seventh chapter challenge….go to your book shelf, grab the seventh book in and go to the seventh chapter, close your eyes and pick any point on the page, write that sentence out, and then add your own two cents in. would love to see what you come up with, leave a link in the comments and have fun. please list the book and the chapter name if there is one..and the author to give credit where due of course.
peace and love and fun times,

Path to peace

Changes moving us along this life’s path

Weaving in and out while stopping to pick

Beautiful blooms and memories

And we see the horizon,

Often wondering if we’ll ever get there,

Getting by

Enjoying the journey

One step at a time.

We walk alone,

Yet side by side through each day

And each night that leaves us spent and weary

We settle down to sleep below the cosmos,

The magnificent stars that guide

Awakening at the moment before dawn 

Excited for new challenges,

New faces to encounter

New stories to create out of the magic of the road,

Slow and steady

Moving along

Leaving only shadows in our wake.