Creature comforts

A beautiful day for a walk, the sun barely visible above the horizon and a cool breeze, almost chilly compared to what the day will have in store. The dogs seem to like these days, cool and comfortable, prancing and pulling at the leashes as if we were running the Iditarod instead of our normal morning walk. A few houses down, in a ditch that is often littered with Huge pine cones (some of which have been collected for future Christmas decor) the dogs pull harder on their leashes, noses to the ground and of course I search for snakes….I hear they like ditches and therefor I don’t like ditches. Apple in the lead with Chi in hot pursuit of what may be there, up jumps this mini knight with four legs. It’s shell beautiful and quite decorative and shiny and almost silver in color. I’m not sure who was more afraid but we all jump, the dogs careening backwards and I think they said what the “f” too if I heard right. Well this little beastie jumps across the ditch and begins running for the woods a short clip away, the dogs giving another tug to pursue but we hold course, continuing on our way. I looked as we passed the woods and this little thing just stood there staring at us like “haha, you can’t see me.” I hate to tell the little creature, but he or she didn’t exactly blend in as it sat there next the the empty Miller Lite can, perhaps he thought he was related to it and of course, there’s safety in numbers. The things you see…..hmmmm… first live armadillo. That’s enough….it can stay down the street….and out of our yard please and thank you.


30 thoughts on “Creature comforts

  1. Nah, I was having cab sauv mixed with diet ginger ale over ice….too hot for straight wine, I’d get loopy……white lately gives me headaches….I love my reds wi anything,,esp. Dark chocolate. Mmmmm, now I’m hungry, and the salmon was awesome too.
    Peace and love,

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  2. I’ve seen them move before, quite fast…faster than I can run…..looking forward to pics of the new digs…we just finished painting ours….neighbor coming for dinner tonight….smoked salmon…yum…..have a lovely day my friend.
    Peace and blessings,

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  3. Coyotes I think I can handle. Alligators? No. Too big. And contrary to popular belief, crocodiles – and relations – are quite fast on the land. 😦
    New digs, not yet. We’re signing next week. Then remodeling. It may take a coupla months. (I will send photos)

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  4. But they move much quicker than I think a dinosaur….at least it didn’t bare its teeth at us….I would have come unglued….the raccoons down here look quite nasty compared to back in NY….😊

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  5. Yes, it was quite cool, although a bit frighten ending at the time…I always watch for snakes….must not be watching good enough for hat was much larger than any snake…looked like a Wallmart grey bag in the ditch…now I know better….peace and love and weird things, but blessed none the less.

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  6. I’m on the gulf coast now…beautiful, nice breeze, soothes the arthritis nicely….sadly though, the heat zaps me, by two in the afternoon I have to take a nap to recoup…..haven’t had here tired streaks since cancer…..could be the pills. Mom told me to hydrate so I did, and then some….didn’t help….waiting for bloodwork results to get off some of the meds….holding and praying…you know how that goes….waiting…endlessly waiting…but positive it shall all work out.
    Peace and love,
    The tired Kim perspective


  7. It was a fun yet surprising encounter…I’m sure I’ll come across more….rather those than gators or coyotes…I hear we now have a coyote problem down here…..go figure….let’s build some more strip malls I suppose….urban sprawl…sigh….how goes it, are you in the new digs?

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  8. I’ve only seen one roadkill, and now one very much alive. They are only destructive to lawns as they burrow in with multi openings….they breed once a year and the egg splits off into four, so she will have only four females or four males….just looking into them. They are a mammal, don’t bother people, just the surroundings from what I see, but they do jump straight in the air…as did we….they it ran into the drain pipe, back out again and into the woods. Was very cool yet creepy looking, like a smooth knight in armor….they say they’re hard to trap though….as long as it doesn’t move into my yard, I’m content….cool sights to see when least expected.


  9. What a fab’ encounter. I’ve only seen them as roadkill all across the South. To me they look like they belong to another era… With dinosaurs I guess. But they’re harmless. Thx fr sharing, Kim.

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  10. I live in north Miami beach
    I believe that’s where I was it’s been to long ago
    If it was so hot all the time
    I think I would come back
    But it’s that crazy weather
    I don’t know up here it’s not that much better
    I’m here now
    Still feeling like the bad side of midnite
    As always Sheldon

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  11. They continue into northern in Missouri, having crossed the Missouri River. They are a fairly common roadkill sight in mid-Missouri. I hear it has something to do with jumping straight up when startled by a car or truck passing over them.

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