Where’s the boat?

The things you see. This is in the waterway where boats go through to get out to the jetty. A picnic table in the middle in shallow water…Dude is fishing off of of it and I wonder how they are going to eat their sandwiches out on the sandbar. Perhaps they took a wrong turn for Sea World and are waiting for Shamu to jump out of the water by their ring side seats? (Their beer cooler was back on shore…guess they can use that floaty device to go fetch some as needed) so yeah, the things we see down here never cease to amaze me. (Don’t ask about the pistol on our walk this am…sitting on top of a garbage can….just keep walking and don’t look back ma’am….) Yep, all sorts of interesting things to do and see. I suppose it’s a fun way to have a picnic…Memorial Day weekend….I guess it just might be safer and easier to stay home and bask by the pool.

All aboard (another trip on Jadis)

Just another beautiful day down here in the sunshine state. After being woken at 4:45 by a cat fight on our lanai, figured sleep was shot for now so grabbed a cup of coffee, strapped on the old Nike’s and hubby and I grabbed the sleep deprived hounds for a half hour walk that turned into 47 minutes. A quick bite for breakfast (a cheese stick) and strapped the kayaks on the truck and away we went.

Todays float took place at The North Jetty. The water here is beautiful and greenish and you can see everything below you. A million little bait? fish were swarming around my kayak and I saw two fish that had to be about a foot long each. Now the water here is pretty calm so it made from some good viewing. Osprey’s everywhere dipping their feathers in the water which made it look like something was bubbling up from below….they were pretty far away but stirred the water up enough so that you felt like you were sitting right next to them. We saw a fisherman on a boat with a Cockatoo?…(the big white bird from Baretta-oh my, I think I am dating myself now…but yeah, the cop show) and this bird was babbling away something fierce and the fisherman was talking back to him. I think it swore a few times too, sounded like the bird talked with a strange accent. I didn’t take a pic of that as I didn’t think it would be too polite. But I did see these beauties, and for the pelican, almost smashed into the wooden projectile he was standing on trying to get a good shot.100_1616.jpgI thought I was going to be attacked by a nest of Ospreys…apparently they don’t like you to get too close and I was in a current and couldn’t paddle and take pics at the same time, but they stayed put, I stayed happy and all was right in the world of angry birds.100_1614.jpgSo we floated around a bit, decided to go into the jetty area that leads out to the ocean but the current here was so strong, and with so many boats out, didn’t want to die on our second voyage so kept to the safe areas…mangroves and such….100_1620.jpg




So for an hour we spent the morning out basking in the glorious sun, bird watching like a bunch of tourists. I did notice that when I was done, I licked my lips and they tasted like salt….I figure it’s was my morning margarita without the juice and alcohol…..sweet indeed. Came home and jumped in the pool to “de salt” ourselves….funny, at the old homestead we had to go to the car wash to get the winter salt off of the car, now we get the salt off of ourselves…with no snow involved. The house is now officially painted. Hubby did most of it and I just finished up the middle stripe that wraps around and look, it’s almost lunch time. Where did the day go already? Who needs angry birds the movie, when we can live it floating serenely by?