I often think it isnt the minutia of things that matter. Just the imagination and the memories of what has transpired in life, the people who have given your life meaning, the souls who take you away, wish you back into time to remind you of where it is that you came from, moments that remind you of when you felt whole or alive. The smiles in aging photographs that serve to remind you that you are here now and no wishes, no wants can take you back to that singular place in time when perhaps as a child you felt whole, loved, wanted.

I don’t always write about my family. Very rarely in fact, but while searching for a proper picture to accompany my thoughts, I happened upon this one. Now granted, I copped it off of my cousins Facebook page, but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind. The man on the left was my Mothers older brother. She had another younger one but this is about this photo, a snapshot in time that I feel so blessed to share. I’ve had so many fond memories, and even though he lived an hour away, so many new and happy experiences in my life happened because of him. He was named after my grandfather…a man who to this day I miss with sincere and honest tears. My Moms side of the family was not large. We aren’t Catholic, which to me seems the genesis of huge and populous families, they were what they were, small, compact and that was that….

What I see when I look at that picture is a snapshot in time. Two people happy and blissful and together. To me that’s what important. The happy days spent as a family, living in that space in time, a  moment that will never come again. It’s Those moments that I speak of here.

We stopped by the neighbors house tonight, we don’t know him well, and only one family member spoke English, we fumbled through, trying to learn new words, but in the end, when the host awoke from his nap he was overjoyed. We made his day just by stopping by. It was his 76th birthday and he sat with us for an hour, insisting we stay, have a beer with him and just chat. I think if someone took a picture of us, they would have seen smiles like the ones you see in the photograph. There’s a song that comes to mind, photographs and memories….even if you don’t know the song, I think the title itself says enough. Embrace and love those minutes my friends, they’re far and few between.  I don’t think you even need the reminder. I read you, I’m there so often with you…let go of the little things and just simply embrace moments like these…for when they’re gone, reminiscing just isn’t as good a replacement as the real deal.

This is my Uncle Chuck, he died on an April day too many years ago…and my Cousin Tom, his son…they smile the same, and I am happy for that gift from one to another….peace, blessings, and as always, appreciate, love and embrace the good days…..

Be happy, be loving, and above all, be together. Peace and love and a blessed Memorial Day to those who have family who are no longer here except in memory. Kim

A bit of Sunday humor

So….why did the turtle cross the road? The answer that first came to my mind is because he isn’t chicken..but I knew that couldn’t be it. So as I was backing up my car to go fetch the latest thrift store find (a wicker shelf thingy to hold the what used to be our surround sound, that was obsolete at 8 years of old age and isn’t compatable with the new smarter than us TV so now has become our outdoor lanai stereo system) and I look across to see this turtle hightailing it across the parking lot. Now keep in mind, this image is not the same turtle, although that would have been so very cool to see too, because of course anytime something fun and exciting happens, I realize I should have brought the stupid camera, but didn’t. So here goes speedy the turtle heading from the highway, which I should tell you is 45 miles an hour and six lanes….somehow he made it across, not chicken at all, but where was he heading? There are no water bodies on that side that I know of and then it dawned on me. It’s national donut week, so…..he must have been on a quest to rally up a dozen to take back to the swamp to impress his friends. Yummies Donuts and BBQ, yes, two yummy things all in one stop shopping….smart little turtle….and ambitious too. I wonder how he’s gonna cross back over and not get mugged. I could go for a donut….here turtle, turtle…..

I’ll follow the sun

Shining on fresh walls of Soleil hue
pretty sun follows wherever I move,
glistening color filling the soul
sand crusted rays to make my day.

I’ll follow the day to where it leads
European shops of shabby chic
and thrift store off in search of finds
another moment of life lazily drifts by.

Clouds banked high upon skies of blue
blocking the harsh light from seeping through,
till Sister sun finally makes her way
I watch behind the shades of darkest grey.

This is our newest edition to our lanai wall. Santa Fe sun is what the tag read, and having adored that artistic little town, and after searching for just the right piece, there it stood above our heads as if beseeching us to take it home. Home it is.