A bit of Sunday humor

So….why did the turtle cross the road? The answer that first came to my mind is because he isn’t chicken..but I knew that couldn’t be it. So as I was backing up my car to go fetch the latest thrift store find (a wicker shelf thingy to hold the what used to be our surround sound, that was obsolete at 8 years of old age and isn’t compatable with the new smarter than us TV so now has become our outdoor lanai stereo system) and I look across to see this turtle hightailing it across the parking lot. Now keep in mind, this image is not the same turtle, although that would have been so very cool to see too, because of course anytime something fun and exciting happens, I realize I should have brought the stupid camera, but didn’t. So here goes speedy the turtle heading from the highway, which I should tell you is 45 miles an hour and six lanes….somehow he made it across, not chicken at all, but where was he heading? There are no water bodies on that side that I know of and then it dawned on me. It’s national donut week, so…..he must have been on a quest to rally up a dozen to take back to the swamp to impress his friends. Yummies Donuts and BBQ, yes, two yummy things all in one stop shopping….smart little turtle….and ambitious too. I wonder how he’s gonna cross back over and not get mugged. I could go for a donut….here turtle, turtle…..

26 thoughts on “A bit of Sunday humor

  1. big hugs

    I’m breaking for a few days. I’ll be logging off shortly, then bedtime. I’m overly tired. Get good rest tonight. Hug Apple & Chi for us, please.

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  2. I’m doing great, spent some time tonight so a new neighbor, originally from Cuba, spends a lot of time in Miami, tonight was his 76th birthday. We took him some BBQ. He was napping and for the first half hour, only had one relative who could speak English…while he was counting his dominos to make sure they were all there…as he says, when you have no family close, your neighbors become your family. Priceless moments indeed. Made his living at being a barber and musician, saxophone player…the things you learn when you only ask,p the right questions,,,,a beautiful night indeed. Down here apparently every holiday is spent blowing off fireworks…good thing the girls/pups aren’t freaked out over it. Small blessings indeed, I’ve got to get some catching up on my reads tomorrow, I always seem to be on a two to three day lag these days. Hi little Monster and big hugs to Niece Tre! Peace, love and good days, Kim💜

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  3. Hubby cooked up some smoked corned beef brisket tonight…OMG….still loving the taste in my mouth…. He is the master, that he is…surprised I don’t weigh two hundred pounds….😀

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  4. I’ve not been inside, keeping temptation at bay….not the pulled pork mind you, got a freezer full, but the donuts….hot greasy…gonna kill you goodness…..id rather go to Wendy’s for a frosty and kill my diet with lustful abandon😊


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