I’ll follow the sun

Shining on fresh walls of Soleil hue
pretty sun follows wherever I move,
glistening color filling the soul
sand crusted rays to make my day.

I’ll follow the day to where it leads
European shops of shabby chic
and thrift store off in search of finds
another moment of life lazily drifts by.

Clouds banked high upon skies of blue
blocking the harsh light from seeping through,
till Sister sun finally makes her way
I watch behind the shades of darkest grey.

This is our newest edition to our lanai wall. Santa Fe sun is what the tag read, and having adored that artistic little town, and after searching for just the right piece, there it stood above our heads as if beseeching us to take it home. Home it is.

11 thoughts on “I’ll follow the sun

  1. I sing it all the time, we cut the cord, I only get crappy news and old shows…although Chuck Norris does amuse me in Walker Texas Ranger to no end…don’t ask me why…never watched it before…you take what you can get….I hope you sing a refrain or two in thoughts of me…..that would make my day. Peace and following relentlessly…Kim

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  2. Hey there my friend,
    Good finds are always memorable….that’s how I think of you in case you wonder, worry, ponder…..I bought a wooden cube with a cool,Beatles insignia on it…you could have done much better in collage form, but the recipient will be happy or ecstatic with it…..a day filled with peace…the path I chose, I let it be….and it was….hope you’re doing well without too much turmoil, still on the prayer path…if and when you’re ready, I’ll dump you off of it,,,a good thing, but I’ll never lose touch….that’s most important, being in touch…feeling, living….and having friends….so, so very important! Love ya, peace and love to the fam and yourself,
    The K girl.

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  3. Nice.
    And, btw, Chris Carter’s English Invasion (a segment on Little Steven’s Underground Garage, on DISH) just played The Beatles’ I’ll Follow the Sun. Only appropriate.

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  4. Next time take me along I love a good find myself
    Got some good butcher block yesterday
    Always on the hunt
    I did to much yesterday should of listen to you
    I feel achy but not in pain
    Today and the next few
    feet up only
    As always Sheldon

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  5. Me too, that’s what I sing every time I look at it. We live in the lanai…most people down here are in their AC’d ho,Es, but we sit out every night, dip in the pool and even take the pups in to cool them down….loving life…sweet sunshine makes me smile☀️😊 and had a baby snake on my front sidewalk coming out of the house, a ring neck variety…harmless, people keep them as pets….I stepped over it and kept on walking….baby steps with the fear…..peace and love, Me😊

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  6. Thanks Sheldon,
    So,glad you liked it. Been in and out all day, thrifting, and I think we have both rooms officially done…except hanging artwork,etc….happy with the results. A warm steamy 90 today….hubby is getting a brisket ready to throw on the smoker, and I can finally sit for a few and enjoy😊 how are you doing? Peace and decorating…aka, creating….Kim


  7. Ah Florida with its lanai. I had the old Beatles song start an earworm with your title, but love your piece, both the artwork and the poem.

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  8. Thank you, it fits it’s new home perfectly, I love Suns and moons, but already have one in the house, so the bright happy sun found its new home. So glad you like😊
    Peace and blessings

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