The magic banana

There is a tree that sits alone at the edge of the yard. It is quite tall and has large bright leaves that shade a soul on the hottest day. Once in awhile, this tree gives off magical bananas. Now these bananas aren’t edible, or at least I wouldn’t try it but what starts out as a strange banana shaped pod, growing here and there with no particular nor fashionable reason why, they just pop out where they want I suppose.

One day a long green unripe banana, then seemingly overnight the magic happens. The banana opens up and long firework looking tendrils pop out. I like to call them magic bananas because they only live a few days, turn brown and then fall to the earth. Their beauty is magical, just to look up and see the happy spectacle, a peeled banana bursting with joy, reaching its little red arms up to the sun. I think we’re all a little like that, remaining tucked away within until something causes us to open up and release our joy, basking in the moment of happy before drifting down to ground ourselves again. They make me smile…and wonder….and someday I shall find out their real name. If you know what this is, please let me know. The tree is about two stories high and I’m told, only a few years old. Interesting….very interesting Watson.


37 thoughts on “The magic banana

  1. It’s a tree that’s two stories high…we just need to figure how big it’s gonna get…and if at some point we need to cut it down…I pray not….Thanks Eliza…💜


  2. Hey my friend, I guess I better check my email for some fine reads then…so glad you’re having a productive day…which means not dwelling on what Will heal….yay for you. I’m watching a storm roll in, hubby went to bed but I’m not tired yet. I’m finding down here my schedule is still all messed up. I guess after 17 yrs of the same thing and perpetually being on vacation will do that for a soul…yet I feel that something is still lacking….writing and alone thought time mostly I think….it will come in time, I’ve got to set the boundaries and stick to them I think, I know….peace and love,

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  3. I’m having a day of writing
    I’ve just finished my 4th poem
    No Dr today
    I’ve got a cold
    Lots of tea ,tea tree oil
    And what ever else I can think of to get rid of this
    I’m trying to kick back today and tomorrow
    Money tree I kind of like that
    Who knows maybe it will bring you good luck
    As always Sheldon

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  4. Thanks Sheldon, everyone seems to like the magic banana theory,
    I do too but in looking up baobab and money trees, the leaves and flowers most resemble money tree….so I guess I’m more blessed than I thought. It is unique though and glad I’ve got everyone scrambling to see what it is.m
    Glad you enjoyed it and that you’re having an amazing day,
    Just got back from an hour and a half at the beach. God that gives me peace here, and I went in the water his time with my snorkeling goggles, hubby laughed and said I looked like Amy Farafowler from Big Bang theory….big glasses and big nose….alas, no camera to capture that moment. Then a dip and swim in the pool to wash the sticky salt water off. A priceless day indeed.
    Always, and at peace,

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  5. I’ve looked at that and the money tree, seems more like he money tree flowers in some of the pics…grows fast too from what the neighbor says…..we shall see, everyone’s weighing in on it today😊 thanks Ken😊

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  6. Morgan over at Booknvolume said,it’s a money tree, I looked both up, I think money tree it may be, as if it grew as big as a baobab, we’d have to cut it down at some point. Wow, those are huge.

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  7. I think the mystery of the magic banana should not to be told
    for these are the untold stories of the quiet storm
    Nature gives it’s all only for its beauty and not for what we should know
    Great find Kim
    Love this
    The Sheldon Perspective

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  8. Elementary my Dear Watson, it is a money tree flower.or ‘Pachira Aquatica’ trees which were most likely named for the five fundamental Feng Shui elements – metal, wood, fire and earth – which strive to bring harmony and balance to the world.

    But I cant take credit really, I just looked it up 🙂

    Beautiful and I personally think Magic banana is much more fun!

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  9. Very beautiful! I love the comparison to us and our times and seasons…how the joy just bursts forth! I looked it up I think this is called a baobab tree flower but I like magical banana better <3!

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  10. Now that you have intrigued us you’d better high tail it to some expert and find out what it is. I recommend that you ask who lives in Illinois but comes from Florida. and she has a great blog. Tell her I sent you and she will set you right.


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