Things We learn from dogs

This is Apple, as if you hadn’t already had the pleasure of meeting this fun happy canine, and this is Apple’s way of saying, “I don’t care how wet I am, I will still jump on the couch, but because I have my Diva towel, it’s okay, right?” um, well, no it’s not okay. If Gramma Gail were to see a wet dog on her couch, well, I would never hear the end of it. No matter if we roll up the rugs, protect the furniture, a wet dog will always find a way onto it. I’m in the pool and if I get out and shag her off, well then I get everything wet too. A catch 22 if there ever were one. Now Chi on the other hand, and unfortunately I don’t have a pic of it, went swimming with me, basking in the golden sunlight like the fraidy girl she is, as I CARRIED her around the pool like Cleopatra, gets out, gets all nice and dried off by Dad, who once turned around, decided she wasn’t done yet sitting in the water cooling her fur so walks over, with the towel still around her and climbs back in. Aye, what’s a parent to do. I supposed if that’s the worst of it than I can live with it. Other things I’ve learned from these silly creatures….

  • If going for a walk and the leash holder is the least bit sore, pull more so that you really do a number on their backs.
  • If the armadillo jumps, and you jump too, then it must be okay to chase it….same applies for rabbits, squirrels and small barky dogs.
  • If there’s not a way out of the fence, we will find one, never fear.
  • The best lawns to poop on are the soft cushy ones with long grass, that way we get to rest twice as long as you try to pry it out intact into the doggie doo baggie.
  • When carrying the doggie doo baggie, on garbage day, try to hit a street that hasn’t been emptied yet by the truck, as doo in a backpack in 88% humidity on an 80+ degree morning will still smell through the plastic.
  • At four o’clock on the dot, we shall commence Bone Thirty or else we will stand and stare at you as you play on your computer, leading you to feel the burn and pay attention to us.
  • You may think these bars may cage me, you’d be wrong.
  • 100_1724.jpg
  • If you’re gonna cook something on the barbecue and make me endure the luscious aromas, you had better have something left over for me.
  • Even though we didn’t see you put the biscuits in your pocket, we know that there’s more than one for each of us. We’re starving after all…how could you only grab four?
  • If it’s a nice cut lawn, we must roll on it because we can smell the nasties within that you can’t so you had better just hang on a minute while we do our rolly thing and not complain.
  • If you’re going to go out for dinner, again, you must bring us something back, even bread is fine…it still smells like your dinner.
  • If you’re gonna wash the floor, please give us a chance to go out and get dirty so we can help you plan your future washing it yet again, same with the nice white bed blanket…we love to do skids on that sucker.

So on that note, here is another pic of Apple Diva trying not to be seen on the couch, and Gramma Gail, you didn’t see this…nope, not at all.


In between thought

“Soon you will see me ’cause I’ll be all around you
But where I come from I can’t tell,
But don’t be alarmed by my fields and my forests
They’re here for only you to share.
Cause here there’s lot of room for doing
The things you’ve always been denied
So look and gather all you want to
There’s no one here to stop you trying.
Watching and waiting
For someone to understand me
I hope it won’t be very long.” Hayward/Thomas

I am here in this place,
in between thought and saving grace
as the sun settles down
upon the remains of the day
and in darkness I become
one with shadows.
I have become this pattern of peace
dappled in shades of night and morning
whisked away on an endless dream
content to know
out there somewhere the star sits
waiting for moon to balance
the edges with light.
I breathe in cooler air
where once there was the fiery heat
now comfortable like a quiet stream
that speaks to me in a memory
but you are here now
and I will join soon
eyes closed and filled with calm,
free of sadness,
free of the bounds of gravity
Flying high in a state of mind

As the time for sleep draws near, I find myself in a very good place, calm, clear, collected and steady in breath….content, yeah, thats the word, content. My mind has been on a jukebox playlist all day, Billie Holiday all the way to playing air guitar in the car to AC/DC! rock and roll aint noise polution…..i think i scared the dude at the red light next to me, but leave off with one of my Moody Blues faves….youtube it if you desire, sing along with me and feel the calm wash over.
peace and blessings my friends,
goodnight, K

Stormy Weather Yesterdays

“Rain, your rhythm on my window pane
Drives me insane because I can’t face the music
Without singing the blues”

The lady, she sings softly in the corner
sharing the tears of her heartbroken world
stained in the blues of insecurity
broken shell crumbling to the ground.
Stormy weather movin’ in
to the beat of a yesterday song
and it don’t matter ‘ cause we all know the tune
when the skies turn dark
and the soul finds the gloom
of another rainy day fallin’
when happiness won’t come callin’
what’s a lady to do.
A voice of ages with the jazzy beat
yesterdays child lost in defeat
of the demons calling
and the empty street,
solitary sound of losing the game
no time left to begin again
when there is no shelter for a broken heart
and no ones waitin’ at the end of the day
her ghostly spirit drifts away
and nothing remains but a memory
calling me to sigh
wash that darkness through
to gather the light to see the way
past stormy weather
again today.

Thoughts listening to Billie…..singing the blues….no fears folks….I’m havin’ a good day. Just words that fell out of the mind inspired.

Bridge of choice

“Between the silence of the mountains
And the crashing of the sea
There lies a land I once lived in
And she’s waiting there for me.

But in the grey of the morning
My mind becomes confused
Between the dead and the sleeping
And the road that I must choose” The Moody Blues

In the clear of light we see the path,

never sure which one to choose

yet to stand undecided is just a waste of time

and time is all we have.

The skies may darken as lightning strikes so far away

and we feel safe as we stand slack-jawed watching

wondering how far till touchdown and as we feel a single drop

still feel secure in our grandness,

in our ego we feel so high above it all,

nothing will mar our journey,

for we ask for guidance and know it will be given.

Yet we are surprised when the beast rises to threaten our calm,

when we are surprised by that which we see,

that which we know is not the right version of how our dream went,

and we shout to the mighty cloud, how dare you mar this moment,

we asked for perfection and you deliver us this storm

and as the water rises and we feel the fear wash over us we realize

we are only as mighty as our convictions, as strong as our faith.

Faith is what drives the soul forward,

pushing past fear to enjoy the thrill of each curve,

each turn our lives take,

for better or worse,

it is what sustains us in the darkness,

it is what guides us to the light of the path we should choose.

Trust in the words spoken within,

believe in the laughter that falls like rain on parched ears,

know the love that this space holds for us,

even though we cannot always see and the road may become treacherous,

hold the hand of the one in need,

through each storm we will gather

and move through to find the other side

where we will be whole

where we will be complete.

A post for a friend who I think needs to hear the words. Sent with prayers for healing and light and to know you’re not alone. Peace and blessings, K

Walter Waddles – A Short Story

I detest any form of bullying and if I haven’t overkilled you all yet on my short story, here is a new one from my friend Michael. Please stop in to visit Michael, he always has something good and informative to say…not to mention amazing poetry too ūüôā

The Poetry Channel


Walter Waddles

It was unfortunate for Walter Waddles that he struggled mightily with his weight, a not all too uncommon affliction these days, but a surname like his was fodder for an unceasing commentary on his unbalanced gait brought on by an accompanying and rather prodigious girth. Further cause for ridicule from his puerile classmates at Robert E. Seaman elementary was the fact that his feet were splayed and compressed under the burden they bore, and while one shoe was worn down on its outer edge from supination, the other was slanted opposite from pronation and the result was that Walter Waddles … well, he waddled.

He thought that he had heard them all, and with characteristic aplomb executed peremptory strikes upon himself whenever he anticipated an upcoming wave of tired epithets. He was fortunate to have one friend he could count on to act as his straight-man in setting…

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Yesterday once more (part 3)

Emily opened the drapes to let some light into the room, grabbed a cold water from the refrigerator and sat in¬†the surprisingly comfortable leather chair at the desk. Let’s see what you want to share my friend, she said as she turned to the second page.

November 10th, 1940

The girls are kicking again Samuel, I do so wish you could be here to feel what I feel. The weather here has been pretty good considering, for this time of year. You know you never can tell as the sun comes up what to expect but the girls always seem more restless on nice days. I know, we don’t know they’re going to be girls and you’re hoping for a boy but if there has to be two, I’d like them to be a matching set, kind of like salt and pepper shakers. The doctor said Friday¬†that everything is progressing nicely, the heartbeats sound strong, etc…you know how doctors are, even if something were awry they would never let on. He talked to mother while I was getting dressed and afterwards she seemed a bit off. She said that everything was good but I have a feeling, you know me and my feelings, they’re always spot on. I think there’s something she’s not telling me. You never know which one is which till you turn it over. It’s been hard with you gone but I know it’s necessary so that we can get a place of our own. Mom has been especially kind and work is getting harder as I get larger. The girls don’t make it easy but Mr Johnson said he understands if I cannot clean the offices anymore and to not push myself. He is a kind man and I do believe he is a good-hearted person, even for a lawyer. He will be going on vacation next month so I would have some time off then but at the rate my stomach is growing and the way the girls are fighting in there, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them come out a bit early. I hope the weather is treating you ok on the ship. It must be tough cooking for the guys with the rocking of the waves, but perhaps because the ships so big you don’t feel it as much, you’ve never said so and I can only guess. I received your letter and the money last week but know not to write as you never know where you will be at a given point so I use this as my Samuel correspondence instead. I put the money in the bank and it, like the girls is growing nicely.

I am enjoying writing in this book, perhaps I have found my passion after all, besides you of course, but I have to do something besides wait, you know how I like to keep busy. Mother made me a cake for my birthday and sang for me. She put two candles on the cake as she thought it would be too hard for me to blow out all 21 at this stage and I’m glad she did. It’s hard to believe that in another month you’ll be back and the girls will make their grand entrance. She made my day so very special, and also made my favorite¬†cheesy potato casserole with ham and it was all so divine. It would have been better with you here but we have our lives ahead of us and we will be a family all together before you know it. I miss you my love, so desperately. Oops, there goes little E kicking again. I’ve given them nick-names until we can decide together. E is for Extra hard….she is the absolute worst, where as M is mild, she is going to be a gentle one, unless of course E is kicking M in which case it’s ME that gets no joy. But seriously, for names I like Elizabeth and Emma if they’re girls and if there is a boy and a girl, I like Samuel, for you of course my dear. I’ll stop here as I am getting a bit tired and am going to lay down, will write more later. Take care and I’ll stand beneath our moon tonight and send love letters through the sky to find you on your ship. Five more days till it’s a full moon, so I hope it’s clear out so that I can watch it through my sleep as I dream of our tomorrows. Don’t work too hard, but I know you will. Love you, Emily and the girls?

November 11, 1940

Good morning Samuel, I’m hoping the day is finding you happy and that the weather is cooperating. It is 55¬†degrees here and it’s going to be a nice day I hear. I had a horrid night sleeping. I can say this here as I know you won’t read it until you get back but it was truly bad. Both girls were kicking and I don’t feel like I got any sleep. I had a nightmare last night. Something bad happened and you had disappeared and I called for you, almost like I was searching in a thick cloud and the babies were coming and I needed you but all I kept hearing was the echo of my voice calling you. It was horrible, I woke up sweating and had to open the window to let in the breeze. I am unsettled and I am afraid the girls may be trying to break free before their time. I’m not ready. Here all this time I thought I was but talking to them in there as opposed to out in the world, moving and crying, well I think I’m just scared. I know you can’t be here right now and that’s ok. I am not going in to work today, Mom said I looked ashen and tired and she called Mr Johnson to beg me off for the day. I think he took it well, I was too tired to ask, just grateful for the time to try to catch up on some sleep. Thank God for Mom. I don’t know what I would do without her here to take care of me. Here I think I’m married and all grown up, two babes on the way and a beautiful man on the wide blue lakes and yet I feel like a child. Be well my love, will write again soon…there goes the girls again, ouch that smarts. Sigh…..

November 12, 1940

My beautiful Samuel, I slept the day through and woke early evening to find Mother asleep in her chair. She had set out dinner for me and another piece of birthday cake that she had frozen. I forgot to tell you, it was chocolate with chocolate butter frosting, not your favorite I know, but I let Mom¬†sleep and I ate quietly, enjoying the peace and flavors of my supper. The girls have been on and off with their antics and I’m tired of being tired. I also found your latest letter next to the place setting and a flower that mother must have cut from the garden. It is a beautiful white rose. She never parts with her roses except for special occasions. She is trying so hard to make it easier for me and I am blessed to have her. Your letter was dated three¬†weeks ago. I’m sure not much changes from week to week but it’s funny as the other letter with the money was from two weeks ago. The postal service on the water is a funny thing indeed. It’s like going back and forth in time. There was talk there was a horrible storm on Lake Michigan yesterday and I hope you are holed up somewhere safe. The SS William B Davock (Big Willie as you so affectionately call it)¬†is so big, I don’t¬†worry¬†of anything drastic happening as seems¬†so safe. Unlike smaller craft, my mind is at ease that all is well. Hope you dressed warm and are staying dry and thinking of me, I know, you always think of me as I always think of you. Will talk soon love. I am going to read for a while and digest my dinner, it isn’t settling well and the girls are boxing again.

Mother just left and I don’t know what to say. They say your ship went down in the storm yesterday. I don’t believe it. I refuse to believe it. I would know if something happened to you, I would feel it to my core if I were to lose you. I cannot let you go, the girls haven’t had a chance to meet you and I’ll be damned if I’m just going to give up and believe this lie. Samuel, say it isn’t true, send me a sign….please, I beg of you, Don’t leave me. I can’t live without you, without you there is no me…Oh God, please I pray, let it be a lie, let Samuel be alive. I can’t bear this, the girls need you. I need you. Please…….

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Yesterday once more (short story intro)

Yesterday once more (continued)


Shine on

“You reached for the secret too soon, you cried for the moon.
Shine on you crazy diamond.
Threatened by shadows at night, and exposed in the light.
Shine on you crazy diamond.
Well you wore out your welcome with random precision, rode on the steel breeze.
Come on you raver, you seer of visions, come on you painter, you piper, you prisoner, and shine!” Pink Floyd

Words run through her glittering mind

locked in a world of quiet illusion

she seeks in the darkness for yesterdays child

shining the light from within.

She watches the world spiral out of control

yet holds her heart in gentle hands,

like wishes blown on an endless wind

carrying her back to innocence again.

She shines like diamonds in the midnight hour

beneath a moon that knows her soul,

swaying on a song that plays in her head

taking her there to the beginning.

The lights of the life of the days she has lived

tempered like glass thick and bold

washing the wine like water from her hands

holding the overflowing cup of tomorrow.

She will shine for the days of a love of a song,

that keeps her lingering like a taste of bliss

arms to the sky she will always fly high

a glittering star lost on earth.

Her name is diamond for she is strength

forged over time by life and circumstance

the darkest coal under pressure to form

the pure crystal reflected

in multiple dimensions,

crafted and cut to shine

through a light of a soul

born to rise, to become.


Yesterday once more (continued)

The March rain continued to paint the airport windows in sheets of waterfalls. Emily walked down the ramp to the exit to retrieve her rental car and looked at the deluge beyond with disdain. “I didn’t even think about an umbrella” she muttered to herself and made a U-turn to go back to a kiosk that had them for sale, “most likely marked up to the hilt” she thought as she grabbed a pretty paisley one and searched for the price tag. Twenty one dollars for an umbrella, but a necessary evil, besides, I can use it again back home perhaps, she thought as she dived into her bag to produce the money and handing it over to the sales lady, gave a short nod and walked away. The line was non-existent at the rental car booth and she signed where asked, took the keys and walked towards the exit. The rain outside had lessened a bit but she opened the umbrella and stepped off the curb towards where the car would be found. She skirted the puddles that she could but still ended up ankle-deep with one foot in a pothole that was hidden below the shimmering water. A quick growl erupted in her throat as she shook off what she could and continued stalking to where the white¬†Chevy Malibu¬†sat forlornly at the end of the lot. “Of course you’d have to be at the end, stupid car” she said as she unlocked it with the fob, throwing the wet umbrella in the hatch and dug through her bag for her running shoes. She peeled off her dripping stockings in the car and dried her foot off on the car mat, put on her sneakers and fired the car up. She hadn’t been back to Buffalo in years, had always hated it but tomorrow was the funeral and then the reading of the will, which she hoped wouldn’t take long. She wasn’t due to fly out for a few more days, figuring she’d take in a little sight-seeing downtown. There had been a lot of development since she’d been there last and she was surprised to find herself almost eager to see the new waterfront. After all, nothing good ever happened there, but the papers that she’d look at every now and then was heralding it as the “new Buffalo”. “Lets see if it lives up to the hype”, she thought as she reached the border of West Seneca. She didn’t even remember getting on the thruway but before she even knew it, the hotel parking lot was just ahead of her. I’ve really got to pay more attention and get my head out of the clouds before I kill myself or someone else, she thought as a horn sounded behind her, startling her back into the here and now. ¬†She turned into the lot as the impatient driver behind her careened off and moved from her view. “Welcome home Emily” she said to the eyes that greeted her in the rearview mirror. She was surprised to see the dark bags beneath her normally bright sparkling eyes. Perhaps a nap before dinner was in order and she grabbed her wet shoes off of the mat, got the umbrella and her bag out of the hatch and headed into the foyer of the hotel.

Emily saw the pretty blonde behind the desk who greeted her with a wide smile. She thought she looked familiar and with a start, realized it was the little girl who had lived next door to where she had grown up. Her name tag said Cynthia, but Emily remembered her as Cindy. Her pigtails had been replaced by highlights and waves but the smile was the same perky one she had known. “Oh my goodness, I saw an Emily Williams listed as an incoming customer and Oh my, I am so sorry about your mother, I should have put two and two together when I saw that, but Oh my, it’s so good to see you. What’s it been, around five years now?” Cindy said with a cross between embarrassment and joy tinged with a bit of remorse and Emily returning the smile replied “More like ten years now, and thank you. Yes I’m here for the funeral and will be in town for a few days before I fly back out. Look how much you’ve grown up, my friend.”

“We should get together when my shift ends and have a drink, I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to all this time” she said with a wide infectious smile.

“I need to lay down for a bit and take a nap, what time do you get off?”

“Five o’clock, three hours from now. But if you’re too tired, I understand completely. It must be hard being back here again and I know your mother wasn’t the easiest person to get along with but in the last year, she kind of mellowed out a bit, if that’s even a possibility. You know Liz, she was a cantankerous old coot, up until the end but it’s still sad to know I won’t be able to look at her window and see those mean old raised eyebrows glaring at me through the shades when I get home late. You’d think she thought I was out carousing like a slut or something the way she looked at me, but you know me. That was never my style. Still, she had her ways. I know you know all about that. But if you’re up to it, would love to chat for a bit when I’m done” Emily nodded at her tirade, Cindy hadn’t changed, always talking eighty miles an hour but she was a sweet soul, still was after all these years and she was kind of eager to hear the news of her old hometown and friend.

“I’ll meet you down here at five, yeah, that sounds good to me. It’ll give me a chance to freshen up and catch a quick nap. I look forward to it, Cin,” she said, and she took the plastic key and headed towards the elevator.

“Hey Emily, wait a moment” Cindy said as she bent down below the desk and seemed to be rummaging around before her head popped back up and she held out a brown paper package. “This was left back here for you from some dude in a suit, I almost forgot about it” and Emily walked back to take the small box. She shook it but it made no sound, she turned it around and saw it was marked with her name on it and Esquires in the top corner. It felt like a book or something and she tossed it into her bag, gave a wave to Cindy and walked into the open elevator. “See you at five” she said as the doors closed.

The little door light turned green and she turned the knob to room 313 that led into her home for the next few nights. She hit the light switch and was pleasantly surprised to see a nice setup. A modern and clean hotel, she thought, what a novel concept and she tossed her bag onto the second bed, kicked off her shoes and stretched out with a yawn. Grabbing the remote she flicked it to the local news channel and wasn’t surprised to see yet another drive by shooting. She turned the tv off and grabbed her bag for the package. It was wrapped in what looked like a paper bag but lifting the corners, the contents slid out easily. It was a photograph, a note card and a small leather-bound book. She looked at the image but wasn’t quite sure who it was, seeing similarities between her mother and Aunt but set it aside as she opened the note card.

Emily, as part of the will, this package was to be delivered to you prior to the service. The instructions were for you to read this, that more things will make sense after you do this. I hope you get in early enough that you can complete this. I will see you tomorrow at the service. Looking forward to meeting you. Sincerely, Robert F. Johnson Esq.

She sat the note card down with the photo. The woman eyes stared at her with an almost sultry and knowing look and reminded her more of Emma than Elizabeth. Perhaps a relation to the family, she thought and opened the strange leather volume up to the yellowed first page. To be read only upon my death were the only words on the faded page and it was signed Emily Williams Knoll.

to be continued…..


Yesterday once more (short story intro)

“The North witch is gone, it’s time to come home Emily” were the only words on the pale blue note she held in her trembling hand. Her Aunt’s shaky writing lit fires in her mind, it had been over ten years but she still recognized the strong loops and eloquent penmanship of her Aunt Emma. She sat the letter down on the side table¬†and gazed out at the sea that lay beyond the ancient glass. Bringing¬†the glass of Cabernet to her lips and inhaling the scent¬†she¬†hoped it would shore her up a bit. “Courage, yes that’s what I need most of all now”, she said¬†out loud and Jinx the cat opened her wise Siamese eyes and glanced at her the way all cats seem to, stretched out her paw to make contact with the paper and then pulled back abruptly, as if sensing nothing good. Jinx jumped off the table and stalked off without a backward glance.

It was news Emily had already known from the call she had received that morning from her mother’s lawyer, but seeing it in Emma’s writing, ¬†it finally hit home with a resounding smack. She hadn’t spoken to Elizabeth, “the North witch” in over ten years. The witch, a¬†teenaged nickname concocted¬†between¬†Elizabeth¬†and her twin sister Emma, affectionately known in tighter circles as the South witch. ¬†Emma had moved down South to go to college and had only returned back North when Elizabeth fell ill, now Elizabeth was gone and Emily knew the time had come to head back home, was basically told she must by the lawyer Mr. Johnson esq. Sounds like a snob she thought to herself, “esquire” she said aloud and laughed, only her mother could find someone with such an uptight name. The arrangements had to be finalized with the lawyer, although Elizabeth being who she was, persnickety and polished and strict on every detail of her life, and for a while, that of Emily’s too until her departure ten years ago, would have covered everything with the lawyer years ago. Every detail would have been set in stone, that’s just how Elizabeth worked. No one would have any say in what she wanted, never had for that matter, and Emily knew no one would have any say now. “Just along for the final ride” she said to the silence in the room. There was no sadness, that bridge had been burned too many years ago, two souls that were just too far apart to ever come together again, but Mr Johnson esq. had insisted that Emily needed to be there for the reading of the will and it was decreed in the¬†will that she attend the service also. She lifted the remains of the glass and swallowed it with a tight gulp and grabbed the half empty bottle to pour another. It will be nice to see the South witch again she thought as she sat the glass down, yes, she and Emma had always gotten along and it had been too long since she’d seen her. If¬†she had to look forward to anything, it would be that.

Her plane landed with a painful thud and Emily removed her earplugs and raised the sliding window beside her to see the grey drizzle that fell on the runway. It’s always gloomy here, why did I think today would be any different? Well mother, that’s one thing you can’t control now, can you? , receiving a raised eyebrow from the woman sitting beside her, she realized she had spoken out loud. She smiled at the elderly woman and gently said “I’m home to bury my mother” and seeing the understanding look from the woman turned to gaze back out the window. “I’m home mama, for the last time” she said as she leaned her head back on the rest while the plane taxied to the gate.

To be continued……