Between here and here

Another day and another story
Updates swirling bringing skies of rain
and I sit here knowing what was already known,
don’t need no more bad news…
’cause life is life
and until the shoes are worn
ain’t no one knowing
just gossip remaining
and the remaining sounds of a tune
sung like a hymn,
remembering when.
Nothing can change the course of time
we come
we go,
and all that remains are words for what it’s worth,
for some so much,
for some just a mark on the wall of growing,
endless…till we’re done
then we go back perhaps to start again,
depends who’s asked
but all I know is invisible faces
match the ache for those missing,
and the news broadcast,
just another story
like we all have,
pain and love and loss and what lies between
here and here
and all the empty spaces
waiting to be heard,
waiting for the story in truth be told,
our real truth as we know it,
as we hide it
as it will be written on empty skies tinted
in shades of purple
and still the rains a’comin
and there ain’t no stopping what was written
on Heavens stone
way back before
we came round.
Gotta shout
wanna cry
and I don’t really know why
’cause its just another story
meandering through every one that came before
and all that wasn’t known
what wasn’t seen
in between.

Missing presence

Between the colors of a hint of you
Present in the moment as thoughts turn to words
unspoken and remembered between the pages of our days
mysteries of tomorrow
of a quiet yesterday.
Dreams move past like trains at night
whistles empty and a ghostly rumble
moving in the darkness
here then gone,
solitary light to mark the end
as it moves farther from view.
Then only silence lays in the place
where strangers unmet passed from this place
as we watch and wait for a new day
beside the track that lies empty, waiting.
The wind begins to pick up speed
as the moon sits silent and cold above
and we wander the night
in search of a light
wondering where it has gone,
the muse of a conductor barreling through
pull the cord and let his presence be felt
in the solitary wail of a train
passing through unnoticed
except by a few
who needed to feel the rush of movement
as the earth moved below feet
and sound rushed by
heading onward to the next crossing.
In that moment of peace and silence
caught somewhere between
the dreams of a morning yet awakening
I thoughht I heard his laugh
carried on the breeze
as he slipped away like a storm
out on the wind
always moving.

Dancing on the wind

Secret gardens lie in wait
as magical winds wind their way into place
for the ball of beauty about to begin
like a thousand dancing petals
swaying back and forth
welcoming us to join in.

I move my thoughts on streams of breeze
nestled amongst the colored leaves
spinning round with endless glee
the flowerbeds and me.

Beneath the curtains of bluest skies
waltzing around the paths we make
stepping lightly in a sprightly groove
we watch the blossoms shake and move.

A dance of Spring moving into the new
beneath the magical eye of the moon
as the rhythm of a beat is heard within
we cannot forget to start again.

To dance with life as seasons move
leaving behind the thought of winters gloom
with color popping everywhere
we come to live without a care
and find the peace dancing sweetly there.