As peace falls

Gentle. These thoughts of yesterday, of peace and the deepness of silence that brings calm. As clouds gather above and the humid warmth fills in to every crevice, heavy like the invisible weight of unspoken words, blue waters call to me yet here I remain, patiently letting these pieces gain energy, moving into a state of motion, falling down like a cloak of peace.
In days of the past, He sat upon his carpet of wooden pieces and dying leaves, the greeter of those who came and gazed upon his beauty, and still he sits here watching over the comings and goings, now nestled upon egg stone and shrouded by palms faded and newly born. Eyes closed to everything, as he does not need to use sight, he feels the balance, the harmony, of the things all around. He lives in the moment, never worried about yesterday nor tomorrow, just the here and now, for truly that is all there is.
Stone and water, earth and fire, he is the element of all. I ask him questions, yet he never answers and I am left going within for a response, answers from a universe that surrounds me, answers from a heart that often knows I need not ask, the answer will come, and as the peace falls like rain, I will stand in the coolness of the passing storm as it drifts away.

thoughts with a little help from my stone guardian, the bringer of peace and sending healing love and light out to those in need. Peace and love and enjoying the calm before the coming storm on Momday. K